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White Circle Studios
« on: Feb 03, 12, 08:00:03 PM »

Hi everyone! I'm Shi (Kurui), a co-founder of indie media development team, White Circle Studios.

We started off as a music group making underground horrorcore rap/hip hop and Gothic black metal. But we have dived into starting up game design. I have created a few 2D games using eventing engines (RPG Maker XP - using Ruby extensions, and MMF2 - using C#/C++ extensions) that were lost in a computer crash the year before last. After my projects went under, I joined White Circle Records, fell in love with the owner, and together we turned it into White Circle Studios.

Oddly enough he has created a few clones of games (Bubble Bobble and some shooter game) using C#. So we shared a common interest in creating 2D games (I prefer 2D over 3D, sorry guys. I'm totally retro~ ). From then on we started searching engines that have creative eventing systems so that our code can be used as "extenders" to what it can make. We took on a project to make a 2D Side Scrolling MORPG from someone who found our art style interesting, and we were set.

We fortunately got a few playable demos out using a very old style platform game style that others found pretty charming, but we constantly failed at the networking part of programming. Mind you, we're still new at programming in general, having only beginner - intermediate knowledge of C#/C++. The engines we found also weren't exactly made for making MORPGs with. The project leader grew bored of the project and gave it to us, but our love for the game kept us going. One of our artist members dug up a nice engine called NetGore which we started with around four days ago, but then that engine went under, offering no more support or tutorials to our cause. We thought all was lost.

I took up someone else's single-player tactics RPG project and we are currently coding the battle demo of the game using MMF2's eventing engine and C# extensions. That game will be released commercially if all goes well. Yes, there is still a nice market out there for old style 2D JRPGs! The project is new, and our team is made of hobbyists at this point but we are confident that our game's story and features will sell. All sales will go %50 into building the team up with bigger, better equipment, buying us a nice web space, and starting a fund for us so that we can grow into something less of a hobbyist team and more of a full time developing team.

Yesterday, the same team member who found NetGore brought us HeroEngine and proposed that we play around with it in our spare time while we're working on this offline JRPG tactical game, so that once we get a good footing, we can recruit some (hopefully) long term modeler/animators into the team, and start developing the on hiatus MORPG within HeroEngine. I agreed.

And so we came here.

If it's okay, I'm going to tell you exactly why I agreed even though 3D is not my forte or my preferred style of game making.

1. The community. It is so passionate. I was on here for 3-4 hours reading posts from the HE developers and I am surprised at how helpful they are, even when newbies come in asking the same questions day in and day out, they link them right to the starter threads. They make constant updates and help those working on their games with their swift answers. They don't spoon feed developers by making games for them, but provide ample information to take them in the direction they want to go, whether by mentioned the HE features or giving a few examples f games, or pointing to a wiki thread.

 Even the HE game developing members seem mostly mature and honestly in love with their ideas. I love hearing about new designs, and even about cliche designs (because things only become a cliche because they are tried, true, and loved! ) with new twists! Everyone here differs in some way on opinion, but all seem to have some nice and common goals. I love the creative energy!

2. The ability to work with my team on the fly. This engine is incredible with team management. I poured though at least 20 videos on HE where team members were working in the same area simultaneously, posting notes back and forth about what needed doing, directed by a manager. In-game. And the world updated automatically. You can't guess how many times we've had to make builds and share them back and forth between e-mails which takes days in itself if someone can't be online that day. This is probably the most feature-rich engine I have come across for developing an MMO.

3. Free? Too good to be true, I thought. But I saw 15-year-olds signing up and fiddling around. I know 15-year-olds probably don't have the money to be shelling out for a game engine like this with all the bells and whistles. So my jaw dropped. I'm used to paying at least couple hundreds for an engine not even a thousandth of this packed with features, not to mention with such a rich community behind it. I'm actually hoping that I get lucky-ky and that our game goes through to completion AND becomes highly profitable - not to us, but to HE development team, because they actually deserve more than %30 off of sales for this kind of set up in my humble opinion. And I'm not trying to kiss up. I mean, just look around. I think most everyone would agree with me.

4. User friendly. HE developers handle so much of the hassle it is insane. Also, there are so many wiki pages, video tutorials, and sample codes available that it is impossible NOT to be able to make SOMETHING with this engine. The interfaces all look so clean in every aspect of this engine and its partnering sites (Wiki, forum, etc.) it is easy to find exactly what you need without having to be bothered to ask 500 questions. That was not the case with some engines I have played around in. Their websites and general program interface were so messy, I'd have to ask a question (often in the wrong forum because I was never sure) and wait three days for someone to even pay attention to it. HE makes it simple, easy, quick to jump into it and start learning.

That is what I have gathered from all of the screenshots, forum posts, videos, website information, and more. So I am already in love with HE and I am ready to get my feet wet learning the ins and outs with my team to make some great game(s) in the future.


About our team:

Kurui (Me) - Co-Founder, Musician (Masterful - Singing, Rapping), Character Concept Artist (Skilled), 2D Character Animation (Intermediate), Sprites and Animation (Skilled/Masterful), Team Management (Masterful), Programming (C#/C++ - Beginner, Python - Beginner, Ruby - Intermediate), Writing (Skilled), Mechanics Planning (Skilled), Texturing (Beginner), Voice Acting (Beginner)

Nightmare Nadia - Co-Founder, Musician (Masterful - Singing, Rapping, Mixing, Composition, Sound Effects Production), 2D Art (Intermediate), Programming (C#/C++ - Intermediate), Team Management (Skilled), Writing (Intermediate), Voice Acting (Beginner)

Mr. Dark - 2D Environment Art (Intermediate/Skilled), Texturing (Beginner), Writing (Masterful)

Jei-Chan - Writing (Masterful), Translation (Japanese/German - Masterful, Chinese/Korean - Intermediate), Mechanics Planning (Intermediate), Musician (Composition, Singing - Beginner), Voice Acting (Beginner)

DrHemsleberryMD - Writing (Skilled), 2D Weaponry Concept (Skilled), Voice Acting (Skilled)

Absolution - Musician (Composition, singing, mixing - Intermediate), 3D Modeling and Animation (Skilled), Writing (Intermediate), Voice Acting (Intermediate)

Abel Niflheim - Writer (Skilled), Mechanics Planning (Beginner), 3D Modeling/Animation (Beginner), Programming (Beginner)

[S.O.U.L.] - Writing (Intermediate), Mechanics Planning (Skilled)

RedEyes - Writing (Skilled), Team Organization (Masterful)

Gotchi - Musician (Masterful - Composition, Mixing)

Yoh - Writing (Intermediate), Mechanics Planning (Masterful)

FragmentRonan - Writing (Beginner), Programming (Beginner), Sprite and Animation (Intermediate/Skilled)

iStarxx - Writing (Intermediate)

HellsDimentio - Voice Acting (Masterful)

UchihanHotshot - Voice Acting (Skilled)

JarvistheNinth - Voice Acting (Masterful)

ZoidsBN - Voice Acting (Intermediate)

Maya1990 - Voice Acting (Beginner/Intermediate)

Xarcand - Voice Acting (Skilled)


Most of these are long term members who will stay with us throughout all projects and grow their skills. As you can tell we are mostly a 2D team for games, and most of us do not have experience in the 3D field. But with time and work, we will grow. We may be keeping our eyes peeled for some help with our first game in the way of 3D Modeling/Animation and one good HE script man/woman, but our team is pretty solid. We just need a good push and someone to help us grow out efforts into this kind of work space.

Once we get a better handle on the project we want to create I'll make a Recruitment thread for those individuals. This one is just showing the team set up and why we chose HE as our working grounds to make games.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

- Kurui


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Re: White Circle Studios
« Reply #1 on: Feb 19, 12, 07:08:58 PM »

Welcome to the HE world!