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Author Topic: [Resolved] Saving Blend setting between schemes  (Read 1010 times)


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[Resolved] Saving Blend setting between schemes
« on: Mar 06, 13, 10:58:18 PM »

Hello  ,
For our project we  have a single environment loaded  that I  have  created multiple schemes for ,
Some of the schemes have multiple cloud layers in them, while others have specific  fog settings .  Together i have blended  these various schemes together to  create the look  of our environment .

The problem i am having is that the blend setting are not saving  and they are in fact  zeroing out . Once i enter the game engine i find that all my blend setting are set back to  zero and  no w i realize why the rest of my team has not seen the  new look ive  created once they go to play test  the environment its like turning off all the  bells and whistles so to speak

After doing some research I found the wiki  information on the  environment tool panel and more specifically the schemes section  but have not figured out how to save my blending states.

I have also notice other uses of the blending modes where you can show  a player becoming hurt by blending in schemes  and so forth  using a transition  command of some sort  this is not what i want to do i just  want to be  able to blend multiple schemes to  get the look i want  in my  current environment ,  and keep that look when i log out of the edit instance
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Re: Saving Blend setting between schemes
« Reply #1 on: Mar 07, 13, 01:40:53 PM »

Blend values between schemes are unique to the room. If you were trying to share an environment scheme between areas, you would just use a single environment scheme. Blends between schemes are really for transitions, or dynamic script driven changes like storms or world events, etc.

Keep in mind that there is no permanent look to an environment scheme using blends that can't be achieved using a single environment scheme. IE, setting the fog to be White in one scheme and black in another and then blending the two, is just the same as setting the fog to be gray in a single scheme.
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