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Title: Battlelegion Entertainment
Post by: Battlelegion on Sep 30, 11, 08:30:07 PM
Hey guys, I am the leader of Battlelegion Entertainment, I thankfully got HeroCloud, and now I am introducing myself and my team. So basically, we are developing a game called Conforium, which I will get into further details about later in the post, and I assigned some members of our team to a game called Block Defense which is a tower defense in first person / 3rd person. Here is the team members / team list.

Our team: Michael (Founder, Modeler, Animator)
Josh (Head Writer)
Alex (Writing)
Cj (Concept Art)
Mark (Modeler)
Ian (Modeler)
Parker (Head weapon modeler)

Block Defense Team
Nocturna (Lead Designer)
Cj Farmar (Game Mechanic Writer)
Legendman3 (Scripter)

        Anyways, lets get back to Conforium.  This is the games story "The world capital of Conforium is threatened when its own king makes a risky move. King Rion ruler of the of the kingdom of Conforium, sends out every laborer to deplete nature of all resources it has. The sudden destruction of all things naturally awakens Mother Nature, and the mystical beings arise to protect the natural world from the threat posed by King Rion. Meanwhile, barbarian villages are already stirring up a civil war in aid of mother Nature. Many humans leave to join nature in its quest to restore the world of its natural beauty.

           The king has demanded a state of emergency, at this very moment the army is being assembled, to defend and also destroy any who oppose the kingdom of Conforium."
     The release of it is still unknown, and will remain so for a while. The gameplay is rather simple, but will bring back some Dark age of Camelot type of features, with the help of my brother Zach, who is a 10 year player, we will get the pvp just right, as that and Omuni Online inspired this game. Thanks for reading, and I will make a project showcase soon  :)
Title: Re: Battlelegion Entertainment
Post by: OuterNet on Sep 30, 11, 08:52:12 PM
Welcome...can't wait to see it!!
Title: Re: Battlelegion Entertainment
Post by: Battlelegion on Sep 30, 11, 09:23:17 PM
Thanks  ;D
Title: Re: Battlelegion Entertainment
Post by: Battlelegion on Nov 25, 11, 02:06:25 PM
Alright everyone. I am going to be a lot more active here, as well as re-introduce myself, I will stick with Battlelegion. I paused dev of Conforium for quite a while. I was not great at modeling or much of anything. My team was quite inactive. So, I went out and I joined another team working on an mmo that has a good chance of success, I worked on that a while, learned to model quite well. I learned to make music recently, I also learned to accept negative and of course positive feedback, and to better myself from it. I am going to start up Conforium again, and this time I will do it right. All I gotta do is adjust to the ways of Heroengine, as in the import / export process. I may need a little bit of help with this. I am using Maya 2012. I can set up the export pipeline so that I can do all that, but then the Repository process is a little challenging, any pointers on what to do with that?

EDIT: I actually figured it all out, will get to work on modeling, and a plan tomorrow.
Title: Re: Battlelegion Entertainment
Post by: Caldenfor on Dec 14, 11, 08:57:34 PM
Dark Age of Camelot type features, eh?

That and Ultima Online were the two games I am most inspired by. If you want to talk shop about your game please don't hesitate to send a PM. There are certain aspects of the game that did well and some that did not, hopefully you can discern the good from the bad and put together a quality game.