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Title: [Resolved] Time of Day to Syncing
Post by: Bruin on Nov 01, 10, 09:00:14 PM
Anyone got a good method for syncing time of day with other areas?  I set up a master zone and such using ther /hestyleset but, doesnt hold time of day settings...

I want to set it in 1 zone and have all the other ones adjust to its time of day ...
Title: Re: Time of Day to Syncing
Post by: sebako on Nov 05, 10, 08:27:44 PM
I have played a bit with it.

Seems like a bug, or I just missed something, cause I can set the speed of day lets say to ... 9
and copy it to all areas which works. But as soon as I restart hero blade, it is not saved anymore.

Any suggestions? Is it a bug or did we do it just wrong? If so, how needs it to be done right?

Thanks for help!

Title: Re: Time of Day to Syncing
Post by: HE-CHRISTOPHER on Nov 08, 10, 10:05:10 AM

By design, it is intended that the time of day is communicated to the client by a (script) system so that you are not prevented from having areas run at different rates of time or even having a fixed time if that is appropriate for the game design.

What you would want is to create a system (script) that handles tracking in-game time/calendars for your world.  This is probably done in a system area (though does not necessarily require its own system area), which then communicates the current game time/date to clients when they log in. 

The client should then be set up to track game time locally and periodically make requests (if necessary) to resynchronize.  It is this local time that is then used to set the environment scheme's time of day when entering an area.

This is in fact roughly what Hero's Journey did and you can find example code in the Hero's Journey Reference world.