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Title: NDA
Post by: shadowfire on Nov 01, 11, 06:34:03 AM
Some of you may or may not know this but your game is considered by law to be intellectual property and whether or not you know the person you are working with it is generally a good idea to sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement.  These can be simple to complex and cover all manner of business secrecy and protection of the assets of a company and/or it's clients.  This is often times common practice when working in any sort of development environment, financial institution or security agency where competition may exist or where leaking information can be of danger or potential damage to certain parties.  This holds members of your company accountable for any breach of said agreement.

Feel free to post your feelings on this matter at will or just take the advice in the spirit it is intended.
Title: Re: NDA
Post by: shadowfire on Nov 01, 11, 09:48:09 AM
Addendum: Although exact specifics may vary from region to region and country to country this is definately worth a read.

Title: Re: NDA
Post by: BigDogGameStudios on Nov 01, 11, 10:34:12 AM
I always use an NDA.. even with my business partners who are very close friends (Had a bad experience a few years ago). There is nothing wrong with using one, and anyone not willing to sign it does not deserve to be part of any project. That being said, I recommend using this site: http://www.esigtek.com/ (http://www.esigtek.com/) which allows you to upload documents for free and accept electronic signatures.
Title: Re: NDA
Post by: tugowar on Dec 15, 11, 06:44:24 PM
You also need a work for hire agreement or an assignment of the IP.