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Title: Lynda
Post by: BigDogGameStudios on Nov 06, 11, 12:27:56 PM
Ok so besides doing the college thing for game art, I also am a member of Lynda.com ($25 a month for all their training vids). They cover a major variety of different topics from programming to 3d design and character rigging... and the videos are very well done to help even the most basic of beginners advance from newbie to intermediate and beyond in some cases.

My question is this: HE Staff ever think of doing anything like this for the community? I know the wiki is extensive and I do know the devs are really busy. However, I wear a lot of "Hats" for my game design, my main focus is around art and modeling. Basic training vids on how to use Hero Script from beginning to competent would be something I personally would be interested in just so I could learn that aspect of the engine as well. I'd even pay for a great set of tutorial streams or dvd sets revolving around HSL and the game engine itself. Could this be a possibility in the future?
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Post by: zeromajstor on Nov 06, 11, 01:36:00 PM
Good idea m8.
Title: Re: Lynda
Post by: Raven on Nov 06, 11, 02:16:17 PM
I do my tutorials for HE. However I haven't gotten the HSL ones finished yet. But I'll have those up soonish.
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Post by: lileebeta on Nov 06, 11, 08:01:29 PM
Good question BigDog (GS)!
And He-Raven --thats sounds good to go.

In my adventures with HSL, I have found that much has already been included in Clean Engine.
This was contrary to my initial belief of having to write scripts from the ground up.

You can look under your Organizer panel > ServeScripts/Prototypes, and Client Scripts/Prototypes.

This is a great Start for HSL analyzation.

Also, be cognizant of CTRL-H (to bring up your Script Editor) Then, while in the Script editor use CTRL- SHIFt- C  to query all client side listings.

Or, while in the script editor, CNTRL-SHIFT- S for sever side listings.

Also, you can move your mouse cursor over any game asset/node, and press SHIFT T for a general query of node ids and attached scripts.

Finally, you can also place your mouse cursor over any GUI element and press SHIFT- CNRL- T (i think) to bring up the GUI Analysis window, which queries all editable properties of that GUI element/node.

Title: Re: Lynda
Post by: shadowfire on Nov 07, 11, 01:14:44 AM
HE/Simu/Idea frabik holds a boot camp for 1000 dollars per attendee in which during a 1 week course every single bit of information there is in HE is thrown at you from the lowest level to the most advanced.
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Post by: DragonFist on Nov 07, 11, 02:01:48 AM
Title: Re: Lynda
Post by: HE-Cooper on Nov 07, 11, 07:16:51 AM
Remember though, our training sessions teach experienced engineers and artists how to use the heroengine. It does not teach you the basics of how to code or how to make art. We dont have the resources to offer training sessions to HeroCloud developers, but we plan to film a training session in the future and make it available. But I just want to make it clear that we do not recommend that inexperienced coders learn how to code for the first time in an online environment. There are few things more complicated in game development than online gaming and we recommend a familiarity with at least one other programming language before attempting to wing it in an online game as the sole engineer for your team.

Let me make that a bit more personal: I've been working in game development for ten years, have scripted in a number of engines and languages on gameplay and client side content, and I would not feel comfortable implementing system level scripting in an online environment without a "lead engineer" on my team giving me the framework to execute within. But I watched knowledgeable engineers without any specific online experience be up and running in a matter of weeks following the wiki tutorials, supported by the weekly questions to the forum and the support list, and was amazed at how fast they had entire game architecture systems in place.
Title: Re: Lynda
Post by: BigDogGameStudios on Nov 07, 11, 11:02:37 PM
I agree with you cooper... I do not think a lead engineer should be learning from the beginning. My question was revolved more around those of us who are familiar with our aspects of the development (Such as me for 3d design), who would also like to learn HSL and perhaps assist with minor things as we learn. I am always the "Hands on" type and love to learn as I go. It was just a suggestion  ;D
Title: Re: Lynda
Post by: shadowfire on Nov 07, 11, 11:20:04 PM
"Aces in thier places."

This means you do not form a team from certain people... People come together and use thier unique talents on thier own but find a way to use those talents to create a team.  Placing each person where they are best suited to ensure total success.