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Title: LEGO Universe Shutting Down :(
Post by: Bear on Nov 11, 11, 08:32:32 AM
I enjoyed playing this game for the few days that I played it when it launched last year.  It was a treat for myself, a game I knew I'd blow through quickly so the upfront cost of buying the game at launch for full price and conquering all the content in three days didn't bother me:


There are a few things I note about the game from a business perspective, and I think any one of them might make an interesting topic of a HeroEngine blog post written by someone with more researchin' and analyzin' skillz than me:

Title: Re: LEGO Universe Shutting Down :(
Post by: RandyE on Dec 07, 11, 08:47:04 AM
(Allowing your credit card to rebill month after month forgetfully is hilariously common among online game players.)

I usually only forget the first month. Then I figure I might as well play another month. Then something happens and I end up playing another 3 months in addition to that :/