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Title: Nefarious Means looking for contributors/collaborators/cohorts/etc.
Post by: madeux on Dec 19, 11, 10:30:28 AM
I'm assuming that the majority of people looking at these forums are probably members of an existing team, but I'm guessing that there are probably quite a few lurkers here as well, just waiting for an opportunity to contribute.

With that in mind, Nefarious Means is current recruiting for an MMORPG that is in the very early stages of development.  All positions are on a volunteer basis, myself included, with shares of any profit being divided based on individual contribution.

Our current project is a themepark/sandbox hybrid with a Lovecraftian theme.  Some key features are:

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

*As we are still early in development, these are currently our top priority.

We are looking for people willing to dedicate a significant amount of their personal time, as well as those who may only want to contribute one or two 3d models in order to build their professional portfolio.  Breaking into the gaming industry can be hard, but together we can create our own opportunity.

Contact me here or at admin@nefariousmeans.org and tell me what you feel you can contribute to the project.  Feel free to respond with any questions you might have.