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Title: Xenia Razed Recruiting
Post by: XeniaRazed on Dec 21, 11, 03:07:40 PM
Xenia Razed

   Remember when MMOs were challenging and gave you a great sense of accomplishment once you have achieved something that was truly difficult to get? Remember when you had to actually play the game to get your epics, they weren't handed to everyone like Halloween candy? Back when a great player or guild could make a name for themselves and become well known, back when PvP took some skill and raids were difficult and took hours. When people had to know their class and couldn't faceroll their way to max level then spend the rest of their existence grinding the same things.

Xenia Razed will feature the following (and more):

   Free to Play with micro transactions and the implementation of selling in game items and gold for real life cash. Paid to play a game? YES!

   Player Housing and towns and keeps that are player built and player run. Similar to Space Stations in Eve and Keeps in AoC. These will be totally destructible to add tactics to game play.

   Classless Classes similar to Skyrim. What you want to learn is what you can learn. There will be trees that enhance the abilities you choose, but basically anyone can be anything.

   Guild System similar to WoW. Your guild can achieve ranks. There will be great benefits available to your guild (we call them Syndicates in XR) for being a big name. There will also be rated games to test your guild skill against the other top names. Who's the best? Let's find out! Don't care? Don't compete!

   Dynamic Questing that changes, hidden quests, items that start quests and quests based on what you have going on in your player built cities and keeps.

   Roaming Elite Mobs that don't follow a specific scripted attack pattern or spawn times/locations. Good luck with those!

   Sandbox Style of play. If you don't want to PvP, you don't have to. There will be a multitude of things for everyone to do in XR! Crafting will actually be important, dungeons, collectables and farming, if that's your thing. There will also be much more to add to sandbox play, feel free to ask about it.

   We are hoping to have a beta out in 2012. There will be a budget based on the size and activity of the team. Once the team is fully together and everyone is working, a budget can be implemented and you can be PAID while you work. You will also be paid a bonus on completion and if you choose to stick around after launch you will earn income based on percentage game sales. This will also be a good opportunity to get your name out there and start a portfolio of your work. Creating a game from scratch is difficult work but a good team can make it happen!

   I am also open to any ideas or concerns you may have. Your input will be a valuable asset to the creation of this game.

   Want to know more?
   - Jack Patrick -
   Yahoo Messenger:  Jackalpup_83  
   Website coming very soon
   I have Skype info that I can give to you, also.

Do you have a passion for games? We need you!

Positions we are currently looking for:

* If you have something to offer game development and would like to help out, let us know, we may be able to use your skills even though the title you want isn't listed above. More positions may become available as development continues.

   18 years of age or older
   Fluent in English
   Able to commit to (at least)10 hours a week of time to the project
   Passionate with a strong desire to make a great game
   Reliable - you as well as your computer