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Title: Future Teacher of America looking for group to assist
Post by: Caldenfor on Jan 01, 12, 08:12:32 PM
*Update* Worked with a project, received thanks, but it is currently in a time of technical grind before needing more creative feedback. Projects and designs will surely be kept separate from each other as confidentiality and respect for the teams behind the games is of utmost importance.

I am a hobbyist by definition. I am not a programmer nor an artist, apologies. Money is great, but that is not my priority in posting here. My priority is to try and find a team with similar beliefs in what would make a great game and try and help them see it through to completion.

My preferences are to assist with games similar in core design values to that of Ultima Online or Dark Age of Camelot. I feel I have a firm grasp of the deficiencies in both of these games and I feel I have a thorough understanding of how to improve upon them while not overstretching limits. I prefer to keep it simple rather than make things overly complicated.

I am returning to college this spring to work towards a bachelor's degree in Education K-8 so the time I have had available will dwindle. Thus, rather than continuing to pursue my own ventures I wish to spend my game dev think-tank time towards another team's goal. I am very honest and trustworthy and I hope to use the knowledge I have gained over the years(since early 1999) to help anyone that may be of need.

Not interested? No problem. I am always up for MMO related discussion so if you have anything you would like an opinion on or just want to throw it against the wall and see if it sticks, feel free to send a PM. I understand the confidentiality that developers like to maintain and I will fully respect that at all times.

Happy New Year!

Title: Re: Future Teacher of America looking for group to assist
Post by: nocake on Jan 06, 12, 09:44:50 PM
Ultima Online FTW. This is exactly what my friends and I are trying to create. Will keep you posted! Maybe you could write a story line or something.
Title: Re: Future Teacher of America looking for group to assist
Post by: Caldenfor on Jan 06, 12, 10:07:42 PM
I can do more than write, but I hope the best for anyone when they aim to make a quality game.

I am a theory nut I guess one could say. Rather than grinding out hours, days, years, of forced programming/artwork I relegated my knowledge to being just a hobby. My time is spent looking at what MMO projects are around on various sites and trying to figure out, most of the time, what the hell the developers are thinking  ;D. Sometimes great projects come around with just little facepalms here and there, but quite a few seemed doomed to fail from the start.

For a broader audience, might I suggest avoiding FFA PvP unless you plan to heavily restrict the ease of murdering others. Having a great PvP system coordinated with the rest of the game can more than make up for the loss of murdering innocent people while drawing in a much larger market potential.

The month of January is going by too slowly for my liking; no snow makes for a crappy winter around these parts.