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Title: Project:Fantasy Technology Recruiting
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 03, 12, 06:10:46 PM
NB: STORY/Plot may change during the creation process. All information added in the above post is IDEAS only and may be modified at any time. Thinking of using these ideas for a new game that you want to create? Why not join the team instead?

I don't know if this will work but I will give it a try.

Hi everyone, I am the leader of Project:Fantasy Technology, we are not an official company, so I don't want to call myself the owner or CEO. Anyways, I am here to talk about the game I am currently planning. Here is the planning sheet I made. Still working on it, but it allows me to base some ideas off of it. So, here it is.

Fantasy Technology
Planning Sheet:

Here are the list of ideas in which I have for the game. Some I have seen elswhere and some are from my friend and I discussing on some things that should be implemented. Also the idea process is still a work in progress as I only started working on it on a web format recently. I am also filtering out some old ideas that don't really sound interesting or that don't make any sense and I don't know why they are even on paper. Please note that these are just ideas and they will not necessarily be implanted into the game depending on how hard it is to code and if we change ideas when it is thought out.

Game Story:

Brief History: Since the official discovery of the aliens, the humans went on panic mode and the U.N. decided that their must have a government set up in place. Now their is the government "insert government name here" has taken over. They aliens have already been seen in the past but most people took it as myths so they never took them seriously. Now that it has been taken seriously the panic forced the world to get into a deep recession. To recover the citizens have now started joining the new workpaths that are much needed for the war at hand. Although "insert government name here" has now found out that the only way to have success is to travel back in time, ruin the history of the aliens and gain some of their resources to be able to defeat them with extremely high tech weaponry and of course skill.
Home Location
Brief History: After Thousands of years of (mostly) friendly visits to earth to conduct tests on humans and to take some of their natural resources, the Humans decided to wage war against us. It appears as if they have forgotten what happened the last time that they declared war against us. We now have to fight this war again and show the Humans
Home Location
Ability to travel to different time periods which will change the outcome in the future.
The renaissance
The past technology time
Futuristic technology time
The dinosaur age.
Midevil age
WWI/WW2 (1914-1945)

Ability to choose from what clan they want to be
Aliens    (evil)
Humans (good)
The difference should be of 10% only. If the difference is higher then people must wait before getting their character set up. Minimum of 100 people before it is counted.

Different tasks
Soldiers (will get paid by the game) (healers included[heal fallen players])
Harvesters Find different stuff from the ground. (get paid  by seeling the stuff they have)
Bounty hunter (kill a specific player to get paid)
Weapon Maker (he crafts weapons from materials that the harvester gets them)
Armor maker (he crafts armor)
Construction Workers
Time travel engineer (they manage the time travel machines) MAYBE

Soldiers (healers included)
Bounty hunter
Weapon Maker
Armor Maker
Construction Workers
Time travel engineer (they manage the time travel machines) MAYBE

Fighting strategy
There will be a stamina bar and each attack will use up some of the stamina so that will allow the game to be very strategic.

Certain zones they will not be able to attack (very limited)
wars will take place in the relative planets.

We can have an arena in which players from a specific race (human or alien) so that they can try out their abilities and to become better at fighting before they actually try to engage in battle.

Item degradation
certain items will degrade depending on how much usage it has.

guilds allow small groups between 2-8 people to work together.
Crews are collections of 2-8 guilds to work together. Their leaders are the ones that commonly keep in contact.
Crews can contain up to 64 people.

Pets would be a cool addition to the game. Pets will be able to attack and will have their own set of strategy in which the owner will be able to set.
Different abilities for the pets can be won by doing certain quests.

Penalty for death
The items that are in their backpack will be lootable.
There will be a 45 second wait before they can be revived
They will be revived in the nearest safe heaven where there will be doctors..
Interactive NPC?

why are they fighting?
It is illegal for humans to trade with aliens
It is illegal for aliens to trade with humans
Each planet needs some materials from the other planet to make ultimate weaponry/armour and to allow their time travel device to function even better.

Every attribute and job quality will have their own level but a character in itself will not have a general level.

Strength (increases the hit point in mele type weaponry,) Level up:wearing heavy armour/weapon, using mele attack
Dexterity (increases the hit points in range attack) Level up: Using range attack
Health (increase the amount of damage that can be taken before death) Level up:Impossible to level up
Stamina (used for different special attacks that are to be used) Increases with the constant use of stamina up to it's minimum. If it is not reached to it's minimum (certain range) then it can't increase.
Defense (this is to reduce the amount hit points received from an attack) Keep getting attacked.
Critical hit  (This increases the amount of critical hit that gets done. Critical hit can be maybe 2x the hp that it would usually be.) Get into an emergency situation and defend yourself. (in other wordsno armor and someone is in a dominant position)

Each character will have a maximum amount of memory in which they will be able to allocate skills and friends to, memory can also be placed on inventory items to know where they are placed so it can show up quicker.

Skills will be tasks that people will be able to learn
Every skill will take up a set amount of memory depending on how complex it is.
Battle skills are being developed and are not written down yet.
Crafting weapons
Crafting armor

The skills will have a bonus for the mastery type the person takes. EX. bounty hunters will take less time to improve their fighting skills, crafters will improve their crafting skills in less time.

Bonus for a set job
you learn easier when you are learning the job you have chosen. You can change what you want to be at any time just note that the bonus you get is greater if you change less often
If changed a year ago or longer 100X%
If changed 10 months  ago 65X%
if changed 6 months ago 33X%
If changed 3 months ago 15X%
if changed a month ago 4.8X%
if changed 2 weeks ago 2.2X%
if changed a week ago 2X%
if changed less than a weak ago X%
(this may completely be changed)

General Gameplay
The character will not fight by himself, you will have to use on of your skill techniques that you learned. If you do not defend yourself you will be able to get hurt.

One hit areas
If a player gets hit in the head the amount of hit points lost will be greater than if he is hit in the leg. Same thing as if he is hit in some special areas (of course not including armor). This means that players will have to try and thing where to hit.

Physical Damage
The earth will have severe physical damages to it depending on how the attack is.
The earth will eventually regenerate itself little by little.

Game Moderator Events
Events can be hosted by the moderators that set it for a period of time to improve the gameplay and to add events as we see fit.

Materials that can be mined
Coming soon

NPC sold materials
BASE of Something to search and harvest materials (more advanced ones may be made)
Something to allow crafting (more advanced ones may be made)
Land and areas for homes will be available through auctions.
Basic stations at the center of the initial safe area which allows users to craft items at a cost, to allow users to get regenerated, to make guilds.

Many different recipes will be possible, certain combination will make strong weapons/armour, other will make weak weapons/armor. The recipies will not be given out and they must be discovered and will not be given out freely. It will also be against the rules to give out recipes on the forums. Some crafters may decided not to give out recipes so they can make the item more rare.

Recipes for Armors
Coming soon

Recipes for Weapons
Coming soon

Type of order (government) for each one of the races
Coming soon.
possibly have some sort of way for the players to become part of the government

To gain control of an area
To gain control of an area you must be able to build your base unto the area.
The are must have no base into it for you to add your base to it.
You will be unable to get the minerals that are in a certain area unless you have a base there because some electronic tools to exploit the materials that are there.

Ideas for features that people enjoy
Voice chat system (if it does exist it will be an additional feature with strong rules and regulations_
No character level, every skill

Concept Art
 comming soon (whenever my concept artist has time to make them)

When will this game come out: That completely depends on the number of people interested in helping and how much free times that they have. I removed the expected date because, really, everything depends on the developer. And the fun is in making it, so why try to advertise something that we are unsure of.

How will we monitize the game if it becomes live:Well we will see when that becomes an issue, we want to keep the free to play, donation type of gameplay as we understand that some people can't afford to pay for games. It was sad when I couldn't afford to play a game and it has a p2p on it. I also have some moral codes in which I follow so gambling will not and will never be implemented into the game.

      Positions that need filling:
         Hsl Scripter
         Organic modeler
         Prop / building modeler.
         And texture designers.
         Music creator
  Concept artist (taken by one of my friends pheonix091 if she ever comes on the forums)
       Story writer/core game design (of course this is taken :D, this is defiantly my favorite part.) My friend will help with this (because she wants to) but I will be doing most of this since she will be more focused on the art.
         World designer I will be doing this. This position is basically editing the world deign and the area to make it look good. The only reason it's orange is because yellow is too bright and, I have to try this on my other computer before I assure that I will be able to do this and if I can't I will wait to get my new laptop that I am planning to get in a few months.
My name is Gabzox if you haven't noticed on it from the poster information. I am someone who is very interested in mmorpg's but I have a hard time connecting to one and just playing it. I am too interested in the backround of mmorpg's. I have always wanted to make one myself but I kept searching and searching and I never found a way to make one. (good thing because at that time I really wasn't ready, I had unreal expectations). I am making an mmorpg more of a hobby but if it works out and I am able to make some money so I can work on it full time with other developers, then so be it. I am hopping to make a really cool game (or at least to my standards) and am hopping to find other people with the same vision so that they may help me make this game project a reality.

Why should you take part of this team?
This is a very big question, that I have thought about. The reason why you should join this team is because there is a lot of freedom. Their is a general vision in which you must share with us, but you don't have to do things from an exact scalar point. I won't ever say this has to look exactly like this or that has to be done like that and only like that.

Another interesting point is the team attitude. I believe that one of the most important things to have when you are working as a team with other developers is to have a team oriented attitude. There is no I, or My game into this... it's we, and what we can accomplish. If there are any problems within two team members, I believe that it is important that they try and solve it with each other first. Then if the problem continues to bring in another team member that is impartial to the situation and if the problem still persists then we look at it as a team and find an impartial way to solve the dispute/problem. Everything has to be done as a team, without team work it will take forever to get a game done and it will become a very tedious task. I will never, ever, ever bark orders and if I do ask pheonix091 to hit me (yeah we know each other well). It isn't work it because you guys are not employees, you are part of the family and there is no higher and lower rank everyone is equal.

More info on area design etc is being developed. Please be patient before I post it here.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact me.
Ways to contact me:
PM (preferred method)   

NB: STORY/Plot may change during the creation process. All information added in the above post is IDEAS only and may be modified at any time.  Thinking of using these ideas for a new game that you want to create? Why not join the team instead?
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: DNA_klownicus on Jan 03, 12, 07:51:22 PM
wow killa15 with a different screen name:) why not just bump your old post.
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 03, 12, 08:27:04 PM
Lol..... I am not killah15 I just used the formatting but the info is different.... you should take the time to read it.
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Caldenfor on Jan 04, 12, 09:16:07 AM
I was hoping for more, but I guess I should rely more on patience.

Good luck with your project.
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 04, 12, 10:11:02 AM
Yeah I am updating it bit by bit to make sure I don't reveal anything that will be private until we are ready to launch.

NB: STORY/Plot may change during the creation process. All information added in the above post is IDEAS only and may be modified at any time.
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Caldenfor on Jan 04, 12, 11:20:08 AM
You don't have to worry about people "stealing" stuff.
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 04, 12, 12:45:14 PM
why not? people do it all the time. Unless I have some type of garuntee I rather be safe then sorry. Especially since I just started working on it, I am not advanced and I want to make sure I am the first to launch with these ideas. :D
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: GM_James on Jan 04, 12, 12:50:06 PM
Like they say Ideas are a dime a dozen. EVERYONE has ideas... Heck I'm sure a 4th grader playing WoW could think up ways that they would like to improve it! lol The only Ideas that people try to steal are the successful ones. Us unproven Indies really don't need to be worried about people stealing our ideas at this point in time.

Also you never really say what it is exactly that YOU do on the team! Are you just the person who barks orders at the rest of the team or do you serve some useful function on the team?
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 04, 12, 12:54:11 PM
Yeah I read a post and it inspired me (called stark reality), I was about to start editing my post. Give me a minute and I will post all of my ideas and my role and the other role that is taken. I will also post a little more about me and what it would be like to be part of the team.
I will leave a post (or edit this one) when I do an update. It will take a few steps as I want to update one thing at a time.

UPDATE: added the base of my ideas.
UPDATE: added bold and colors to make the flow of ideas simpler.
UPDATE: added a little about me
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: GM_James on Jan 04, 12, 01:35:54 PM
You really can't say no one take these ideas... The only thing that you can keep as your own is your game story... Even WoW took game features from other games and made them their own. lol I can see a number of features in your design that I already have working... That The Repopulation already has... That WoW has... that most every MMO these days have... Anyways I guess what I am trying to say is stop being so concerned about people stealing your ideas and just focus on making a Great game... Once it becomes successful and you have some money to burn then start being concerned about your ideas being stolen!
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 04, 12, 01:52:31 PM
O.k. so I added why should you join the team.....

and I changed the way I said it, maybe I was unclear in the way I said it. Is that any better?

Also I will continue to modify the thread with up to date information.....

And before I forget again... thanks for all the help that you guys are posting. I truly appreciate it as I don't want my post to reflect the wrong image.

UPDATE: I changed the wording again as I believe the glow text was still giving the wrong message, so I changed it again. :D

Any ways I can improve on this please tell me here or by pm
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology hiring
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 12, 12, 07:20:01 PM
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology Recruiting
Post by: MattEvans on Jan 22, 12, 10:42:58 PM
I would bet you anything, that whatever ideas you have, someone else already had them. In fact, most probably some/most if not all of the unique features that you have in mind were also on the table in some/most if not all developer companies ("real" ones, with the money, production force and all), and were discarded for whatever reasons. (Too much time to develop, not coherent with other game systems, etc)

I think the last thing you should be worried about is someone stealing your ideas. What you should be worried about (in the position you've chosen) is making the gameplay, visuals and all features coherent. Make your game easily digestible so people can quickly connect to it and their characters, and focus on a single distinctive feature. If you look at it, that is what established companies do as well, and not just because market researchers tell them to. They either focus on PVP, or Story, etc. When I think of Guild Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic (hail HeroEngine!), or EVE Online, I immidiately have that single distinctive feature in mind. I am absolutely sure that the developers of these respected titles have all discussed many new ideas and concepts, and just decided not to include them in their games.

Now I don't mean to say that you can not have an original idea that nobody else thought of before. I am only suggesting that it is not nearly as important as you may think.

To be fair I must say that I do not have a game developer past at all, but I have experience in the indi movie industry. Games and movies are "developed" in a surprisingly similar way.

ANYWAY. Here's the advice I wanted to give you before this turned into a wall of text :)

If you have a great idea that you think will make your game succesful, then share it. That way your chances of recruiting much needed artists and developers would only increase.

Or maybe I have writers block and just really wanna steal your stuff.. :)
Good Luck!
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology Recruiting
Post by: Gabzox on Jan 28, 12, 11:51:59 AM
Not really worried anymore, but I still put that note just to try and promote the fact that I want to recruit. I just say "want to borrow some of my ideas, why not join instead". I am not even focussing on that.....I am actually working a lot more with trying to get the code down pat and working with my concept artist to see how the different races will look.

and concept art should be here soon
Title: Re: Project:Fantasy Technology Recruiting
Post by: Kudendar on Jan 28, 12, 03:39:10 PM
hey, im interested.

I do 3d prop, asset modeler texturing within 3ds max/photoshop for past 3 years working on my own project within UDK, looking to come to hero  engine.

I like the passion you have for your project, it reflects alot on a project backbone. I'd like to help get it off the ground.

sent pm regarding post, get at me via email or skype for screenshots, or video.