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Title: The Existing Tutorials
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jan 06, 12, 03:49:43 PM
We have tutorials to teach you the foundation of all aspects of the HeroEngine on our wiki. This is augmented by some video tutorials on art setup, pipeline, exporting and importing.

Wiki: http://wiki.heroengine.com (has links to all the tutorials)
        http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Art_Implementation_Tutorials (all the art tutorials directly)
Tutorial Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/heroenginecompany

There are also users starting to make more introduction tutorials. Raven has quick walkthroughs that are intended to familiarize you with the HeroEngine, and he adds new topics every week:

Raven's Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/raven67854
Title: Re: The Existing Tutorials
Post by: Thazager on Jun 26, 18, 07:01:57 PM
Making a few HSL video tutorials: (Going to make a game from scratch covering as many game features as I learn them)

Starting Your Project - READ THIS  (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6048.0.html)
   by Prometheus2012

GUI Tips and Tricks (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php?topic=6642.msg37160#new)
   by PN-Dwight

My New Video Series (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6671.msg37307.html#new)
3DS Max Export Services (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6709.0.html) adding in your art to the engine
   by Mr_Conflicts

Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects  (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6647.0.html)
Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 1800 Tracks  (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6145.0.html)
Building a Library of Images for Everyone  (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,6375.0.html)
   by Eric_Matyas

full list  Thaz HE videos  (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiL9f2f0_JoKn8Tk10v6utWPGoyHDDnRh)

1)  base button  (https://youtu.be/TzhSqfrTAX0) (12:09)
2)  base window  (https://youtu.be/GtHRqaYNeEA) (13:21)
3)  exit window  (https://youtu.be/q8kyCShDjzE) (21:44)
4)  mob spawner  (https://youtu.be/PeC3X4_Atz4) (15:38)
5)  window docker  (https://youtu.be/rdl3kpJEh_c) (8:28)
6)  target range  (https://youtu.be/r4oXIYiUHz0) (21:28)
7)  loading bar  (https://youtu.be/kfvdukooXZc) (19:27)
8 )  minimap  (https://youtu.be/Q1zL0SH19Gc) (16:47)
9)  character selection system  (https://youtu.be/XWYGEioqfZc) (25:18)
     9a)  charInfo tutorial  (https://youtu.be/4MwTzfkd6QQ) (19:13)
     9b)  select chars tutorial  (https://youtu.be/fLE-uNynzGY) (35:17)
10)  resize, scrollable, slider guis  (https://youtu.be/fWohbXTzFmA) (12:08)
11)  chat window  (https://youtu.be/J1CiWbLBnvs) (22:48)
    11a)  chat commands   (https://youtu.be/Cbq9G-K4aFs) (12:19)
12)  char statusbar  (https://youtu.be/VLfFPj9yIgI) (28:51)
13)  saving window info  (https://youtu.be/Qc8_MWF8E20) (19:43)
    13a)  saving window info2  (https://youtu.be/V6xTq3luT6o) (12:07)
14)  social window  (https://youtu.be/AwxKP-9J6Xw) (34:03)
    14a)  social window sorting  (https://youtu.be/U8tRVlXkyuY) (27:16)

15)  name plate  (https://youtu.be/CLJgOCu3VJU) (36:18)
16)  1st person camera  (https://youtu.be/lBsJ_dcSK9k) (15:57)
17)  abilitybar  (https://youtu.be/Q9CxH9KQR3Q) (32:49)
18)  ability window  (https://youtu.be/Tb5yrTto80k) (35:45)
19)  hotkeys  (https://youtu.be/nWcyTkf--rU) (10:10)

20)  Spec setup  (https://youtu.be/2LKIf5Ov5Lw) (33:23)
    20a)  NPC specs  (https://youtu.be/TQD6gHCOOz4) (1:09:49)
        20a1)  click NPCs  (https://youtu.be/qBd0hF5PM34) (5:16)
    20b)  Item specs  (https://youtu.be/D1BDhtYsbAE) (40:41)
       20b1)  spec Icon chooser  (https://youtu.be/JjNGMV7B2tY) (30:50)

21)  bank window  (https://youtu.be/Nq7j11vMyKU) (40:39)

Title: Re: The Existing Tutorials
Post by: HE-SARRENE on Oct 03, 18, 03:10:16 PM
Awesome! Great work! .. Now you are giving me more work for the new Wiki :P but I love it!