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Title: Hello Hero's and Our Project!
Post by: TheBoss on Jan 25, 12, 01:40:58 AM
Hello, new arrival here!  Just wanted to introduce myself to the community and follow what appears to be the standard procedure of describing our project. 

Before I get into that I was kind of curious how many Unity3d developers there are here?  Anyone.

Anywho on to business.

My little start up company "Really Big Lizard Productions" has been developing a variety of simple games over the course of the last 3 years using primarly the Unity 3d Engines.  Most of these games where really training projects, but one concept that kind of stumbled acorss being pencil and paper role-players is that we wanted to create an online tool that would allow us to play pencil and paper role-playing games over web.  While Unity3d really is great at doing a lot of things, one of the biggest hurdles we always had with the engine was trying to built a stable online enviroment.  Since than we have tried to built our concept in a number of ways from Web Broswer driven versions to building it in Microsofts XNA.  Always the issue was the constant struggle to get stability online.

Anywho The Hero Engine will be out next attempt at bringing the concept to life which is really quite simple.  Alternity (working title) is nothing more than an online enviroment in which players can gather to play Pencil and Paper role-playing games using a simple interface, some basic visuals and VOIP.  We have had a number of success with the idea and our various versions of it have always been quite successful with the one exception being multiplayer functionality, which naturally is actually the most important part.

Here is hoping the Hero Engine will be successful!