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Title: S3kchun8
Post by: S3kchun8 on Jan 31, 12, 12:24:28 PM
Hello HE World.

My name is Joseph Timmis. I am new to Hero Engine and the Hero Cloud community. It has been one week since I signed up and starting exploring. Most of my experience has come from server side maintenance and development and website design and coding. I have very little experience in 3d design and HSL, but am dedicated to learning and growing. I am working on my own MMO called Shadow Nations and would love to share the story and any details with you if you are interested. (feel free to ask) But that is not why I am introducing myself. I am actually looking for a team that would like to have a volunteer. (keep in mind that I stated earlier I am entirely new to HSL and 3d design, but am learning) I have plenty of time to dedicate to your project and am not looking for anything in exchange other than the learning experience itself. If you are looking for someone who has dedication, and time in exchange for help and tutoring, I am more than willing to help.
Title: Re: S3kchun8
Post by: quakkeldackel on Jan 31, 12, 01:25:11 PM
Hey Joseph, welcome to the cloud community.
I am like just a newbie here and if i can give you an advice, start digging through the wiki. There is a lot of knowledge there buried under a heavy load of pages ;)

Have fun exploring an learning the might of the hero engine =)