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Title: Manatee Studios - AfterMath
Post by: deleted on Aug 04, 12, 08:19:41 AM
Find our intro post here:

All positions are volunteer only.

We are currently looking for quite a few positions, but highest on the priority list right now, are programmers.

We need programmers to get this up and off the ground, so we can start to get things in order, and running the way it should.  We're starting almost from the ground up again, having lost team leads after the move to Hero Engine, so new assets are on the way, but we still retain some basic requirements, like the GDD.

We need a programmer to step into the project, take charge of programming, and tell the rest of the teams what the programmers need to get their ball rolling!

Programming Team Lead
Organize programs to work in tangent with one another.
Ensure basic naming command structures are adhered to.
Keep a record of basic naming command structures on the forums for easy access.
Work with other Team Leads to ensure your people have what they need.
Ensure a well oiled program in Hero Engine.

We also need basic programmers, not just a team lead.

Apply at http://www.manateestudios.com/apply
Title: Re: Manatee Studios - AfterMath
Post by: Caldenfor on Aug 06, 12, 07:48:58 PM
So you are switching from CryEngine to Hero Engine?

As an FPS MMO is the aim for an open persistent world, a zoned world, or a game of instances like that of Global Agenda?