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Title: Evil Bia Games
Post by: Hedron on Aug 07, 12, 08:23:46 PM
Hi!  We are fairly new to Hero but we have been developing our first game for 2 1/2 years now.  We were forced to do an engine switch mid project because our previous engine turned out to be incapable of developing our game.

We are a small team but we work well together.  We are creating Hedron Online, a multiplayer online game (not a massive multiplayer game, we are ambitious but realistic).  It is fantasy based with a touch of sci-fi and fantastical visuals.

Our team:
I'm Jen:  project lead.  I do world design, creative (writing, quest design, skill/spell design, guild structure design, mechanics design, etc), modeling, handle business and legal matters, website maintenance, and I'm sure other things that I forgot to list.

Jon:  Lead programmer
Gio:  Programmer & GUI
Sourav:  Programmer, AI design
Alex:  3D modeler & animator
Dima:  Music composer
Tim:  Social Media and online presence (we've been quiet online over the past several months due to our engine switch)

We are looking for another world designer to help us catch up since we lost our game world in our engine switch.

You can find more info about our game at www.hedrononline.com (http://www.hedrononline.com)
There, under "Links" you can find links to our youtube channel, facebook, blog, and twitter.  All screenshots and videos are from our previous game engine.  We hope to have screenshots and videos of our work in Hero by December.
Title: Re: Evil Bia Games
Post by: Caldenfor on Aug 07, 12, 11:31:38 PM
What level of experience are you looking for? Novice with desire to learn, very experienced, expert?

While aiming for a "realistic" MORPG, how vast of a world are you looking to create?

Open world or zoned?

Any use of instances?

Is there no way for you folks to save at least some of the hard work already invested via import/etc?

From the briefing I found at your site I am assuming you are having four distinct kingdom areas separated per kingdom while they share a "Kingdom vs Kingdom" area similar to Frontiers of Dark Age of Camelot.

Thanks for your time!
Title: Re: Evil Bia Games
Post by: Hedron on Aug 09, 12, 12:05:46 AM
I should actually clarify, we are looking for a world builder, not a designer.  The maps are already designed.  Just need someone to build them.

Prefer someone who is at least familiar with building in hero so I don't have to train anymore people.  I've been learning myself and then training a few of my team members.  No need to be an expert.  I am the only world builder right now and I'm self taught, certainly no expert.  But I'd like to have someone who is familiar with the terrain building concepts and the hero tools.

We are looking to create a vast world but we will only be implementing it a bit at a time and introducing it as game updates.  We don't want to create the entire world and entire game and release it, then have nothing new to add.

It will be a zoned world but with large open zones consisting of multiple areas and open caves/dungeons, etc.  So a combination of zoned and open.

We are not currently planning on using instances but we have discussed the possibility of implementing them in the future.

No way to export/import from Esenthel unless we write a program to do it, which would kill too much time.  It works out better this way because with Hero's seamless load and areas features it will actually allow us to build our game world to the originally planned size and/or larger, whereas in Esenthel we had to scale it down due to the inability to handle large zones.

Yes, we will have four distinct kingdom areas separated per kingdom while they all share the kingdom vs kingdom area similar to DAoC.  Each kingdom will have four zones.  These zones are for each race but they will be open to each other.  Those zones will have smaller zones for various types of PvP as well as for larger caves, dungeons, etc.

Title: Re: Evil Bia Games
Post by: Caldenfor on Aug 10, 12, 02:29:53 PM
Well evolving off a concept similar to DAoC is a great start even if it isn't your main influence. Finding a way to promote healthy PvP conflict without killing the realism(to the world, not ours) and importance of the conflict is a difficult task.

Perhaps better suited for a PM, but what made you and your team interested in four kingdoms battling it out? I hope you are avoiding the PvE distribution that current MMOs are using though. Like a radius from a starting point and the levels increase as you move away which is only generally realistic to a world environment to a certain degree, but not in a scientific layout that "theme park" MMOs use. Mix them up. Scare people. "Oh my god! What is that thing?! Purple/Level 35 and I am only level 10?!! RUUNNNN!!!"

Don't really get that in today's games.

Also, I am not saying you do, but for world development, as a hiker, please don't put trails/roads/paths to every single point of interest like some games do. Sure, trails form from those that live in the caves going in and out(not that they actually do in a game), but their paths would almost never link up with "societies" trails, or they would be a part of society. The depth of wear on a trail can be a great tool that most designers neglect to take into account.