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Title: Zombie Survival MMORPG
Post by: CircleBoxStudios on Aug 08, 12, 09:56:46 PM
Hello all,

We are currently looking for volunteers for a new project we are working on. Currently these are volunteer non-paid positions, but if we are able to receive funding or upon a successful launch when we have the money we will convert the volunteers that would like to be full-time or part-time to paid positions. We would like people that really believe in this game and they themselves would love to play it.

We are in need of:

3D modelers
UI Designers
Coders/Scripters (preferably you know C++, Obj C, or HSL)
Sound Engineers
Level Designers

If you are interested or have more questions feel free to email me at CircleBoxStudios@gmail.com

Now about the game:

Global Endemic Online

A zombie game where you do more than just fight or run from zombies; you actually survive in the post apocalyptic world. An MMO that isn't just quest, dungeon, and battleground; instead you have far more options in an open, dynamic, and player driven world. A large world where players aren't only your enemies; they are your companions, neighbors, merchants, trainers, bounties, and brother in arms. Your survival may very well depend on them. A game where the developers rely on your input and approval to create your favorite game. Global Endemic Online puts you in the chaotic zombie ravaged world to create order, or if you prefer, more chaos.

About GEO

In Global Endemic Online (GEO) you are a survivor in a world after the zombie plague. You don't have to worry about just zombies; there are looters, organizations, and even players that want nothing more than to take your gear and leave you high and dry to be zombie fodder.

Unique features of GEO include:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1672613130/global-endemic-online-a-true-zombie-survival-mmorp (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1672613130/global-endemic-online-a-true-zombie-survival-mmorp)

Title: Re: Zombie Survival MMORPG
Post by: warka101 on Aug 11, 12, 08:14:06 AM
have any screen shots or demo footage of what you have so far? or is this a blank start?
Title: Re: Zombie Survival MMORPG
Post by: DNA_klownicus on Aug 11, 12, 08:25:21 AM
By the looks of it, it's merely a start with an ambitious goal on kickstarter...$600,000 for 2 non gameplay vids and one concept art
Title: Re: Zombie Survival MMORPG
Post by: FI-ScottZ on Aug 11, 12, 02:17:16 PM
$600,000 ?!?! Seriously?!  :o

Our goal of $30,000 was overly ambitious.  Our takeaway was that you need to have lots of hype/attention before starting the campaign or you just won't get enough eyeballs no matter how good your project might sound.

There are just way too many campaigns on Kickstarter now where it is tough not to get lost in the crowd; you have to already stand out and be in people's minds before.  Its probably better now to go to some of kickstarter's competition where it is less crowded.