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Title: Acinus : MMORPG
Post by: Acinus on Aug 29, 12, 12:35:43 PM

We are a little team of 8 people : 2 3DS desginers, 3 2D designers/Scenario writters, and 3 software developpers. We will certainly add 1 or 2 software developpers soon.

We decided to try to use HE in order to write our own game : MMORPG.

All of us are French, for the moment we did not created any company to manage this project. We first check if we think possible to create our project using HE before to decide the next steps.

So we learn and spend time reading all the Wiki, youtube tutorials and of course this forum.

We will give informations about our project little later.

We do not pretend to be expert, we feel even noobs, but we are motivated to try this all together. In any case this experience will be good for us and we hope to get success on it. If you don't try then you don't success ;-)

Zal M.G.
Title: Re: Acinus : MMORPG
Post by: Caldenfor on Aug 29, 12, 02:27:29 PM
What kind of game are you folks trying to make?

I have only heard of the difficulty of including terraforming into gameplay as posing a serious threat to capability of production.
Title: Re: Acinus : MMORPG
Post by: Acinus on Aug 30, 12, 02:28:05 AM
We plan a MMORPG post apocalyptique based on skill progression. Many activities will be available for players and not only hunting. People will be able to specialise little by little on different skills and become expert in their area.

We would like to link this game to a website and to a social network system.

Thats the main ideas but for the moment we are writting the detailed story board and technical people are training on tools. So nothing is really fixed. We are in the instanciation phase, even not the specification phase.
Title: Re: Acinus : MMORPG
Post by: Merries on Sep 02, 12, 02:02:26 PM
Good luck with your project, your english writing is very good.