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Title: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
Post by: grogbro on Dec 09, 12, 07:03:46 PM
Is it possible to export a whitebox? The reason is because you can whitebox a building with the dimensions you want according to your scene and export that as say an OBJ to give to your artist (or yourself).

I have these curbs that I would like to whitebox and get them the size I need them, and then get the sizing off of them for recreating them in max.
Title: Re: WhiteBox Export
Post by: HE-Cooper on Dec 10, 12, 08:31:05 AM
We don't have an export/converter that would automagically take scaling of assets and the like into account, but you  could most likely whip up a script that would export that data and then read the data into a Max scene.

We have an automatic heightmap > obj exporter, and we have an external HGM > obj converter (mainly just for use with Facegen).
Title: Re: WhiteBox Export
Post by: grogbro on Dec 10, 12, 08:36:11 AM
Ok, who's gonna write this script Cooper is talking about!?!?!   ;D

Cryengine3 has the ability to export its 'solids' for artists so that's why I was thinking of it. It makes it really useful to get a quick obj out of the engine all sized the way you want it without having to think. Thinking hurts me.
Title: Re: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
Post by: grogbro on Jan 25, 13, 11:19:31 AM
Can the exporting of WhiteBox's be included in one of the future HE builds? Something like this scene where I would use the OBJ export as a nice scale import into Max/Maya would be awesome. The OBJ export can also be handed off to other artists which would be incredibly handy.

Adding the exporting of WhiteBox's would make them way more useful than they are now. Very cool addition though with Sapphire.   ;D
Title: Re: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
Post by: StadiThompson on Jan 25, 13, 11:41:56 AM
The feature was in HeroEngine1 but was stripped out when HGM format was introduced. I to would like to see export to OBJ return. much needed.
Title: Re: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
Post by: Ascend2Crux on Jan 25, 13, 12:50:33 PM
Agreed this would indeed come in handy when using white boxes as place holders for scale.
Title: Re: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
Post by: keeperofstars on Jan 26, 13, 12:56:12 PM
I'll further add to the want list, for my artists, / world builders who use whitebox for placeholders, if they could export those as items to be worked on, my modelers could get the dimensions exact for the position in the world builder.

but have basically figured out that the default character in HE is 200cm high in maya. I can go from there to approximate. Another thing I do is make basic height references, IE I have a dummy model I use in maya that is the same as the default character.

Then I can scale everything right in maya as I need / want.
Title: Re: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jan 26, 13, 01:03:31 PM
yeah, that last point is a bad idea. You end up with 5 different world builders liking slightly different scales, and then sending all these random numbers back at the artist. Stick with uniform scale concepts, and use the whiteboxes to rough out space and gameplay.

I'm not saying there isn't a useful tool in area asset export, like how Stadi has continually asked us to put back in, :-), but I wouldn't use it for all of the methodologies outlined here.