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Title: Fixseam Issues
Post by: Triplelexx on Dec 21, 12, 09:34:27 AM
I've been having issues getting good results from this application in the pipeline.

I currently have a character split as such.
Head slot, upper body, combined hands, lower body and feet.

All variations I've made of batch file operations give very wrong results with things welded all over.
Even with /I the lighting is actually worse at the seams then before any operations.

Next step is for me to try and connect 2 pieces together and try every variation to figure out what's going on.

Initial tests were done with slight vert offsets, so I went back and chopped and detached everything again so should be pretty much seamless now, but apart from being pretty seamless by default, the welding is still as bad.

Again I will hammer at it some more and start testing anims but maybe someone for example could suggest a list of batch operations suitable for these slots I could try.

They all use single materials so I shouldn't need /S but I've even been trying that.
Like I said I was trying a few parts together last time, I'll have to break it down more, any advice at this stage would be greatly appreciated though.

Title: Re: Fixseam Issues
Post by: HE-BENNETT on Jan 07, 13, 01:15:54 PM
Some screen shots of the issues you're seeing as well as a showing us the batch file commands you're using to run fixseam would help a lot in a diagnosing issues.
Title: Re: Fixseam Issues
Post by: Triplelexx on Jan 08, 13, 01:41:07 AM
Hi Bennett,
Thanks for looking in, I've kind of stuck this one on the back burner but there are still issues.

I have had great issue with cutting models up and not getting normal lighting irregularities, or problems with skinning.

As example my biggest problem is detaching a head from a body, I tried various methods of manually fixing the lighting at the seam before export to no avail. I've tried to make the skin work as best I can but some extreme movement of joints will cause minute misalignment in vertices.

On export trying pretty much all variations of single commands to join the head and torso result in either complete incorrect stitching of the object together or some minor lighting  issues still.

The last command I used was some crazy stab at everything and seems to give the best result for these 2 meshes.

 fixseam.exe /E .001 Torso.hgm Head.hgm  /O /I

As you can see in the pic there is still some visible stitch to the seam but they seem fairly well glued together apart from tiny visible gaps at extreme movement noticeable at close distance.

I am basically hacking this guy together myself though, I do hope to have someone more capable get on board to polish off issues like this so it's not a pressing issue right now.

Also as such I'm still unsure how much the model is to blame itself.

As far as fixing seams, forgetting any skinning issues, I can not get the tool to fix all welding and lighting errors.
Most command attempts end up with the meshes totally off causing most of the throat to stitch to the neck.

Any help would be much appreciated though, I would gladly look at it again if anyone can suggest a solution.


Edit: Also to add, I'm currently not even running the hands through the tool, for some reason I was able to "fix" those normals before export and as they're not split at the wrist they work fine anyway.
Title: Re: Fixseam Issues
Post by: HE-BENNETT on Jan 08, 13, 09:38:39 AM
Well I can tell you right now the small gap is not a fixseam issue, but a skinning one.  Just before the holidays I spent several days tracking down that specific issue.  It came down to a problem at the thousandths place of the bone influence in Maya.

Sometimes the displayed information is either wrong, or lieing, by .001 and that is just enough to cause that.  Copy and pasting weighting info between seem vertices is one (tedious) way to resolve the issue.

The reason the normals aren't getting fixed is you are using "/I" in the command.  From the wiki:
"/I will only sync up position, ignoring normals, tangents, and bitangents."

Use /V in place of /I and see what you get!