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Title: Prop System: Fix for Fading Prop Spec Client Lookup
Post by: HE-JAY on Jan 09, 13, 01:46:21 PM
For HeroCloud worlds created prior to the release of HeroEngine 2 (i.e. this only applies to worlds that already existed prior to Dec. 5th, 2012), the following fix has been issued:

The prop spec named "Fading Prop" (specID=1 in the _PropSpecOracle) did not write itself to the repository during world creation.  As a result, attempts to reference the prop on the client (by calling requestSpecByKey) will fail and generate a script error.

In order to coerce the prop spec into writing out the appropriate repository file, perform the following steps:

Do I need this fix?
You can verify that this fix applies to you by checking for the existence of the repository file '/ScriptData/1._PropSpec'.  If this file does not exist in your repository (use your Repository Browser to check), then you should perform the steps outlined above to resolve the issue.