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Title: [Suspected Fixed in Sapphire.L] Reflective Water Stops Reflecting
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jan 18, 13, 11:46:22 AM
There's no clean repro case for this.

1. Place Ripple Water
2. Adjust all the standard settings
3. Make double sided
4. Manipulate water environment settings
5. Swim under the surface, mess with more settings

At some point along the way, water will go opaque and stop reflecting.
Title: Re: [Queued] Reflective Water Stops Reflecting in Some Situations
Post by: brainache on Feb 05, 13, 04:43:55 AM
I am having a similar issue - At certain camera angles, the reflections will stop, moving the view slightly will bring the reflections back.  This is repeatable, meaning that at the same view - reflectios will vanish... moving the character back and forth will cause the reflections to toggle on and off