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Title: [] Shadows
Post by: brainache on Jan 27, 13, 10:50:20 PM
Are shadow improvements on the roadmap for future development?

The drop from 160 to 50 fps for turning on shadows is really quite high.  I understand the performance impact of shadows, but I have used many, many engines and have not seen the magnitude of the impact that we see in Hero Engine. 

Is this an area of focus for future development?

Title: Re: Shadows
Post by: Irushian on Jan 28, 13, 03:14:53 AM
That's quite the drop. Which is strange because when I enabled them on mine, the frame loss wasn't actually noticeable (Though it wasn't a busy scene).
Title: Re: Shadows
Post by: brainache on Jan 28, 13, 05:11:23 AM
we dont have occluders setup correctly atm, which will help overall frame rate - but I would expect the shadow ratio to remain the same...
Title: Re: Shadows
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jan 28, 13, 08:48:24 AM
Shadows are doing what shadows should be doing at the moment. Keep in mind that a drop from 160 to 100 is no where near the drop from 50 to 40. Performance in rendering is not additive. When you enable dynamic shadows, you reduce a large amount of performance enhancements, due to the nature of shadows, and take specific hits to video cards with various weaknesses.
Title: Re: Shadows
Post by: StadiThompson on Jan 28, 13, 11:34:36 AM
This happens to me as well, in a busy area I go from 95FPS to 45FPS. In a non busy area it's doesn't add up as well. I know you will always lose some FPS, but it shouldn't be this much loss. HeroEngine1 as well as other engines never had this bad of a loss, shadows do not seem optimized well, even in a scene with 400 draw calls shadow drop the framerate significantly compared to HE1 and other engines. I and many on our team have very high cards both ATI and Nvidia. Not arguing the point, just backing the OP on this. We have at least 50 areas ranging from dense scenes to light scenes, shadow performance are not good in any.
Title: Re: Shadows
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jan 28, 13, 11:40:06 AM
Well, sure, the shadow system in HE1 was 8 years old, very weak and simple. Turned into jagged stuff in most situations, and was part of a renderer that was 7 years old.

If you have similar scenes in another engine with dynamic shadows and see dramatically different performance, we'll check it out, but all the numbers look correct to me and our developers, across all the hardware tests we have in place.
Title: Re: Shadows
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jan 29, 13, 10:14:58 AM
I'd also be interested to know if you feel like there is a specific type of "thing" that is causing the problem. Is it hundreds of heightmaps, or a large number of textures, etc. I'm trying to break it in whatever way I can, but all I can do is just slowly lower performance by adding hundreds of assets or heightmaps, and everything feels right.

But if you started in a clean area and added things, do you feel like there is a point when performance takes a hit?