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Title: Lone Guide Studios
Post by: Jordan on Mar 11, 13, 11:28:32 PM
Hello everyone out there.  We here at Lone Guide Studios are thrilled to be joining the HeroEngine community.  We've only been here a week or so, but already we are finding the community exceptionally welcoming and the support excellent.
We have been in the design process of a Hybrid MMORPG with an emphasis on player driven and dictated content for the past year, and are currently in a prototyping phase.  Our project is yet to be assigned a finalized name, but I would be more than happy to release details to the community here as we choose to make them available.   Look for updates from me in the Project section of the forums over the next months as we sprint toward a prototype.
I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with what I can already tell is a very core supportive, helpful community.

Jordan Roberts
Project Manager, Project SBA
Lone Guide Studios