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Title: Draken Online (recruitment)
Post by: Draken on Jun 04, 11, 12:11:31 PM
    Demo Story:
    In the land of Ryuu, a land of Dragons, there was a great ruler named Draken, he was the leader of the Dragons, and their forces. They ruled the world and used great elemental powers to wage war on nearby villages, and destroyed everything. To stop Draken you must use your own powers and the company of your fellow pet dragon to stop this madness and save all of Cyok and the Dragon Kingdoms from near destruction. Once started on your journey you must train to be a Dragon knight in the Kingdom of Light, a place full of good and honor. There you will be given your first dragon egg and first training missions. You will be able to train as a Warrior, Archer, or Mystic. Depending on the path you choose will determine your skills and weapons. Once accepted as a Dragon knight you will be given a Rune Glove, this allows for you to control your dragon and together you will be able to grow stronger. You will also receive your horse mount to ride on. A Dragon egg will allow for you to obtain a pet dragon that will allow you to fight with him or her in battle. Dragons are a very resourceful ally and can keep you from dying in combat. Dragons very in power, speed, some can fly, heal, or even increase their masters abilities.

    Now that you have your mount and Dragon you can begin your adventure as a member of the Dragon Knights and take on the massive power of the dragon leader, Draken, and his army of Death Dragons, Soul Lich, Mutant Krons, Possessed Warriors, Archers, Giant Trolls, dark Witches, and much more horrifying things to come from within the dark powers of Draken.

    This is the sample story I have got so far. I would like to build on this and change it as needed, this is in no way written in stone just in case the story may be a big poor or off to them it can be changed accordingly.

    I did research on some names that are used in this game concept and it all tied well together.

    Whats Needed:
    Ages: 16+
    Atleast 1 year experience in your field of experties

    Posistions Available:
    Level Design
    Animator (3D)
    Rig Artist (can be done by the animator)
    3D Artists (Modeller)
    Texture Artist
    Project Management (assist me on documentation and organization)
    Joomla / Wordpress site upkeep assistance

    All Volunteer work of course. We make it, we get paid.

    I have experience in Torque 3D, few weeks in Hero Engine, Eclipse 2D, RPG Maker, and Unity. I love Hero but requires a more skill based team so that is what I am shooting for.

    If you would like to help work on this game, mind you this will be only project don't worry about doing several projects or this getting dropped, as I am hell bent on making this game for an indie sized team it is well in site to be managed. You just need a Skype account posted on this topic and your age and what you can do then i will add you and we can discuss this further, thanks Eclision.

    PS: Team name is Eclision, I have name bought as well so we do have that officially, will get trademarked soon.

Update: Site is now Live.

Title: Re: Darken Online (recruitment)
Post by: Draken on Jun 10, 11, 12:39:38 PM
Still needing members, thanks, Eclision.
Title: Re: Darken Online (recruitment)
Post by: vectorx on Jun 20, 11, 03:33:28 PM
I'm just curious, is this game name "Darken" or "Draken"?  I see that you used one name in the title and another in the description.
Title: Re: Draken Online (recruitment)
Post by: Draken on Jun 20, 11, 10:53:06 PM
It's Draken I fixed it, thanks.
Title: Re: Draken Online (recruitment)
Post by: Netsurai on Jul 09, 11, 09:35:07 PM
Hi Josh, a longer time ago i have play around with the RCS Version, i have see your Space Shooter RPG
on the RC Standard Board ^^, i wish you all the best for your new Game Project here.

My little Team is working on a Dark Future Game (we use DXStudio non Com. atm) but i have take a look on many known Game Engines before :P. The most Engines don't offer standard RPG Features, Pathfinder, simple MoB AI or a GUI Editor with Templates for NPC Dialog/Inventory/Bank/Shop, but this is Basic Stuff for RPG like Games ^^ ... every Time, when i have test a Game Engine.. i have to figure out again all this Stuff :P
all know this RPG Wheel.. but you have to code all this systems new for a Game Engine :)

Looks like your "Land of Ryuu" is a RPG like Game too ?  then you must implement all the RPG Basic systems, before you can start with the 3D Models and all the Fun stuff ^^ many codeing awaits you.

from what i have see, the most Game Engines have a long list on Graphic Features, but the most Devs forget (or have no Time) to implement Basic systems for RTS/RPG/ARPG :) idk... but looks like the Hero Engine comes with good Tools for RPG like Games too. A good GUI Editor is ever imported for a RPG.. (i like to figure out how the GUI Edit works in Hero Engine in the next Days)

I have read your little Story, but i think to get more Team Member... you have to write some Infos more about
your Game ?... what is it for a Game ? a RPG ? Skill or Level Based ? is it like DAoC or more ActionRPG like
D2 ? u now... i read your Story.. i come in your Game speak with a NPC.. get a Quest.. to kill some MoB..
whatever.. and then ? Or is your Game a Sandbox .. and Player can create own Stuff.. change the Game World a bit.. change the World a bit  ?

Do you have a good Concept a outstandig Gameplay ? to bring Player later in your Game ?

Today we can find many Free2Play MMO... i have play many of them, just to see what other developer
do .. the most cooking with Water... have all the self old RPG Gameplay...with kill and bring Quest - Levelups.
But they offer AAA Graphic and Animations in a F2P ^^ Ok just Eyecatcher, but the get many Player.

a Game starts ever with a littel Story... but a RPG MMO need a Concept before and many Content later inside, or the Devs playing his Game alone ;)

best regards
Title: Re: Draken Online (recruitment)
Post by: 7Kings on Jul 14, 11, 06:04:31 PM
you may be mistaken, Imperialism Online belongs to me :)
Title: Re: Draken Online (recruitment)
Post by: WoE-Byron on Jul 20, 11, 05:36:04 PM

This sounds like it could be a fun game. I look forward to seeing it on the market!

Good Lucky with your project!