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Title: [3dFoin] Genie - Anniversary Sale - Free model
Post by: RyogaHibiki on Jun 05, 13, 04:53:58 AM

Hi guys :D

Wow we've been here for 2 years XD Time DOES fly when you're having fun. We couldn't have done it without you.
We're celebrating the day with the 2nd Year Anniversary Sales.

- From 6/3 to 6/10/2013:

Get 50% off any model purchase!!!

We also have new model it's Genie :D



Magic lamp is definitely an interesting thing to drop into your game, the player picks it up, wonders if it's just an decorative object and part of him hopes for a genie and BAM! You satisfy him!
Genies can grant wishes to those who bind them, best them, or earn from them a favor. However, it is widely held that one must be very wary of the wording used in such a wish. When dealing with genies, the saying "be careful what you wished for" takes on a life and death meaning. They surely enrich your story!



Comes fully equipped and formatted for use as a boss, summon, magical NPC etc. in Unity and other engines with diffuse, normal, specular texture maps and 11 game-ready animations. You can add some particle effects on his tail to make him look even cooler XD



As usual the model is fully tested with Unity and comes with unitypackage


Also there's a free magic lamp model on Page 7:


C'mon come and get them all at:

http://3dfoin.com (http://3dfoin.com)
http://3dfoin.info (http://3dfoin.info)
Title: Re: [3dFoin] Genie - Anniversary Sale - Free model
Post by: PN-Dwight on Jun 05, 13, 05:18:44 AM
Once again, there are a few things that need to be clear on this one:

These models are not HE-ready yet, as their animations are linked in 1 file, nor do they come in standard HE format, so you would have to export them all yourself, and seperate each animation by yourself.

Before a purchase, I would like to know how these models are rigged (what system, how many bones, ...) as HeroEngine is quite a bit more advanced than most engines out there.

Good to see you back again posting on the HE forums mate!
Title: Re: [3dFoin] Genie - Anniversary Sale - Free model
Post by: TGSRofar on Jun 05, 13, 04:31:56 PM
I believe 3dFoin character models use a standard max biped rig with one finger and one toe.  Maybe Ryoga can verify that though.