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Title: [Resolved] Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: AthinLankost on Jun 16, 13, 09:18:53 PM
This may sound like a really stupid question but here it goes...

Where do I start? You have all these tutorials explaining what the engine does, but nothing on how to acctually start my game. I want to learn, So here is my problem. I want to do the following to start off:

1. Change the Character Selection
 - Nothing Fancy yet, just a custom background and change some of the buttons around to make them look better.

2. Change Character creation

  - Again I understand i'm not making the next WoW or SWTOR system, But I want something simple, Basic Gender selection, and some morphing options. You guys are the ones bragging about the character customization system being so amazing so where is it? :D

3. And finally. Enter a World that I created

  - The Fantasy Lowlands is quite nice! However its not mine... I have made a map but how do I go about making new players spawn there by defualt? (A race specific spawn would be nice)

So In conclusion, I am by no means asking you to make my game for me, I want to learn how to make a game. Can anyone point me in the right direction to read up on how to change  these three systems to my own? I want it to go through what I have created not the clean engine stuff that is there by default.

Thanks you in advance for any advice :)
Title: Re: Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: Chromehound on Jun 16, 13, 10:07:21 PM
No better place to start than here: http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Main_Page

Rock out a few tutorials before diving into changing systems.  Wouldn't worry too much about having new players spawn in your new area till you get along and figure out some fun stuff.

Few dev tutorials in the forum as well: https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/board,17.0.html

Changing character selection/creation, you'll also want to get real familiar with the GUI Editor.
Title: Re: Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: Thazager on Jun 16, 13, 10:25:43 PM
It also depends on which part of the world you are wanting to work on. There are sections like art, coding, designing and testing. The design is usually the first part, and normally before you have chosen an engine. Next would come coding and making art for the game. There are lots of tutorials on each section. If you are wanting to do all parts of the game yourself, or at least try them all, the wiki has lots of information. It can help explain things in general.

Things like the character selection, and character creation are little more involved. Learning the basics of GUIs and how they are made will help get started with those areas. Scripting is also a big part of those sections. As for changing gender for an actual character you can play (called dynamic) you may need to create the actual models or have someone on your team make them. They can be quite a feat getting them just right.
Title: Re: Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: keeperofstars on Jun 16, 13, 11:30:11 PM
1 and 3 are pretty easy.

#3 is changing 1 line of text in one script.

A thing to do is just go through the E_scripts and look at the ones that seem might have you do what you want.

Ask in the skype chat, or just try and do it on your own. Word of advice make a copy of the E_scripts before you make changes to them, just incase you break something really bad. :)
Title: Re: Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: AthinLankost on Jun 17, 13, 12:52:10 AM
Thank you all for the replies, I will continue digging through the wiki and get myself more acquainted with the engine and HSL. Also keeperofstars you mentioned asking in the skype chat, What do you mean by that?
Title: Re: Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: keeperofstars on Jun 17, 13, 10:13:22 AM
We have a heroEngine Skype channel. It's invite only to keep spammers out of it, but all the cool kids hang out there and help each other hash through hero engine.

just send me your Skype name via pm and I will get you added.

When I get home I'll try and look up the script line that does #3. But to find it I basically just looked at the chat messages when a player logs into game, and saw which script was running, and then found it and made the change.

Also take a look here on the forums, at the developer created tutorials.
They can really help you get a good feel for how to do some basic things, once you work through a handful of them you will have a much better feeling for how things get done in hero.
Title: Re: Some Guidance PLEASE!
Post by: AthinLankost on Jun 17, 13, 11:42:09 AM
Again, Thank you very much! I will send you my Skype via pm :)