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Title: [Resolved] Animated Assets
Post by: Jade1977 on Jun 23, 11, 11:07:15 AM
Hello chaps got an issue that I can't work out.

I have created an asset with animated parts, inside the engine it is all animated fine but the mesh I can walk through with my character.
How do I make the asset animated and also a mesh I can interact with?

Title: Re: Animated Assets
Post by: HE-JAY on Jun 23, 11, 01:33:57 PM
Animated assets will use the physics representation of the asset's static pose; they will not update their physics representations (either client-side or server-side) to match arbitrary changes internal to the object. In order to view the physics representation of an object, you can use the Physics Panel and turn on "Visualize Physics Data". After setting the Visualization Distance appropriately, you should see your animated asset's geometry highlight. If you don't, then it is possible the physics data has not yet been built for the object. To test whether this is so, find the Test Build Asset button in the Physics Panel and activate it. If the physics representation was not visible before, it should now be.

You can read about this on the 'Collision representations" wiki page:

As far as interacting with the asset, you can toggle various flags on an instantiated model (see the "Collision" group in the Properties panel for the model) to allow/prevent collisions with the player, with the camera, with NPCs, etc.