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Title: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: chaosngn on Aug 21, 13, 06:17:19 PM
Judging by the info on the post, would something like this be easily imported into Hero and work?


I've reposed the info to make it easier:

Low polygonal game ready animated model of Elven Assassin in 3D Max file version 2009 minimum.
.FBX, DAE (Collada) and .OBJ are included.
.BIP (Character Studio) files are included.
Character includes 10 changeable parts:
1.Panties, 2. Shoulder armor 3. Boots 4. Mask 5. Hair
6. Brasers, 7. Chest armor 8. Leg armor, 9. Earnings, 10. Swords
Main body has 5,982 polygons, 11,906 triangles and 5,994 vertexes.
Model with all armor parts and weapons has 10,854 polygons, 21,504 triangles  and 11,298 vertexes.
All this parts can be used together with any combination.
Textures: diffuse, specular, opacity and normals maps.
Textures are TIF file format 2048x248 - body, 1024x1024 for chest, and 512x512 - for other parts.
Skeleton has 69 bones.
I used Character Studio MAX to make animations.
This character has 29 general, 26 fight (2 swords style)animations. 55 animations in total.
General animations:
1) Elven_Idle: 0 150 fr.,
2) Elven_Drinking_potion: 151 231 fr.,
3) Elven_Eating: 232 352 fr.,
4) Elven_Explanation: 353 398 fr.,
5) Elven_kiss 399 484 fr.,
6) Elven_looking_around: 485 660 fr.,
7) Elven_making_potion: 663 691 fr.,
8) Elven_pick_object: 694 733 fr.,
9) Elven_pointing_A: 734 794 fr.,
10) Elven_Reject: 795 895 fr.,
11) Elven_speaking: 896 1046 fr.,
12) Elven_warning: 1047 1107  fr.,
13) Elven_waving_B: 1108 1153 fr.,
14) Elven_yawn: 1154 1239 fr.,
15) Elven_sit_down: 1240 1270 fr.,
16) Elven_sitting: 1271 1421 fr.,
17) Elven_came_up: 1422 1457 fr.,
18) Elven_Going_asleep: 1458 1528 fr.,
19) Elven_sleeping: 1531 1602 fr.,
20) Elven_Waking_up: 1605 1675 fr.,
21) Elven_Climbing_ladder: 1678 1708 fr.,
22) Elven_Run: 1711 1737 fr.,
23) Elven_jump_runing: 1740 1780 fr.,
24) Elven_Moving_left: 1783 1803 fr.,
25) Elven_Moving_right: 1804 1824 fr.,
26) Elven_Sneaking: 1827 1877 fr.,
27) Elven_Swimming: 1880 1910 fr.,
28) Elven_walk: 1913 1963 fr.,
29) Elven_walking_back: 1966 2001 fr.,
Sowrd fight animations:
1) EA_combat_mode: 2004 2054 fr.,
2) EA_wapons_back: 2055 2095 fr.,
3) EA_wapons_ready: 2096 2131 fr.,
4) EA_dodge_backwards: 2132 2167 fr.,
5) EA_dodge_to_left: 2168 2203 fr.,
6) EA_dodge_to_right: 2204 2239 fr.,
7) EA_duck_below_high_swing: 2240 2275 fr.,
8) EA_Hit_from_back: 2276 2311 fr.,
9) EA_Hit_from_front: 2312 2347 fr.,
10) EA_Hit_from_left: 2348 2383 fr.,
11) EA_Hit_from_righ: 2384 2419 fr.,
12) EA_L_swing_left: 2420 2455 fr.,
13) EA_L_swing_right: 2456 2491 fr.,
14) EA_L_thrust: 2492 2527  fr.,
15) EA_R_parry_from_stright_down: 2528 2563 fr.,
16) EA_R_parry_front: 2564 2599 fr.,
17) EA_R_parry_right: 2600 2635 fr.,
18) EA_R_swing_left: 2636 2671 fr.,
19) EA_R_swing_right: 2672 2707 fr.,
20) EA_R_thrust: 2708 2743 fr.,
21) EA_scissors_bow: 2744 2779 fr.,
22) EA_stright_dowble_bow: 2780 2825 fr.,
23) EA_two_stright_jump_bows: 2826 2876 fr.,
24) EA_windmill_bow_01: 2877 2927 fr.,
25) EA_Dying_A: 2928 2993 fr.,
26) EA_Dying_B: 2996 3036 fr.,
Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: uexilon on Aug 22, 13, 07:03:04 AM
I think it would be pretty easy.. You only need to know how to get the model into 3ds max, retexture it (uv data should still be there, so it's rather a "change the mat to hero and point to the right texture) and apply the bip (if not already done). Then you export the Files and animations and set up the the files for the repository (animationset etc.)

Didn't read through everything thought.. Will take a better look at it later..
Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: WorldWideZ on Aug 22, 13, 07:26:05 AM
Theoretically its straight forward , however you will need someone to take on this type of technical art work to get it set up as a dynamic character , then you will need to write a AAS file for the animations (scripting) and i reckon those will be static animations , so you will probably need to write a custom char controller to move the root bone.
Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: keeperofstars on Aug 22, 13, 08:09:50 AM
eh not sure you want to write a custom character controller to move the root bone. More then just the character movement counts on the root bone and it's relationship to the character and such. Meaning physics, spatial awareness, character rendering etc all rely on the SRB. I get what you are saying a custom character controller to move it and the player along with it. But wanted to point out there will be more than just the character controller that needs to account for making the root bone move.


he could just slide the model forward, during the key frames of the walk (forward and backward) and the run (forward and backward) those are the only real two animations that have to have the animations move in spatial aspect.
Granted any custom side to side rolls flips, or movement that isn't standard movement would need it, but that would be rare.

Probably going to be much less of a hassle to deal with redoing those 4 animations, cause all he has to do is go in key by key and move the character forward some for walk. It will be a pain cause there will be a ton of keyframes but other than those few he would be golden, and if he wanted to could probably use all the pre-done bones etc to just make his own in like 10 minutes. For walk, run.

The animation scripts are pretty easy and when I get home I'll make a post about a default template.

Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: uexilon on Aug 22, 13, 10:09:29 AM
https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,4321.msg25356.html#msg25356 (https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,4321.msg25356.html#msg25356)

That's an old post where I tried to expain the basic set up.. It may help as an addition to the wiki.
Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: keeperofstars on Aug 22, 13, 01:15:53 PM
When I get home I will post a full "cleaned-up" default animation script file that covers all basic movements for a character, there are some 13 base ones.

Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: keeperofstars on Aug 22, 13, 10:26:56 PM

As promised a default set of animation script files.

Now for all the ones in this character, Just rename the animations when you export them, or change the script files to match the names. Either way works.
Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: chaosngn on Aug 23, 13, 03:50:06 PM
Any chance someone would be able to help us with one of these if I bought one? We have everything on our team (lore, coders, modelers, particles, etc.) but we have yet to find an animator or someone versed in Hero's animation system.  We have seats available where I could throw you on the team for the task.

Aside from the question of animation, is this too high poly for the engine in regard to a player character?

Title: Re: How easily would this import/work?
Post by: keeperofstars on Aug 23, 13, 06:11:30 PM
It's not too bad overall. A tad high on the armor side but not too too bad.

Depends on how you putting your world together, but overall it falls totally in the realm of what an average good looking character falls into. aka not going to get much lower without some quality loss.