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Title: muliple animations same timeline
Post by: davidcass on Oct 27, 13, 05:52:33 AM
Ive done several Biped animations, each setting up the hierarchy link parameters in max for the granny root bone.
IE : idle inherit none selected, walk inherit  Move  "y", Turn inherit "z" and saved as separate biped animations,but when i use motion mixer in 3ds max to combine them on the same timeline the link info is lost.How are other animators combining the animations.we want to use the animation export sequence tool hero animate tools.Motionmixer doesnt allow import of max objects,
thankyou for any help
Title: Re: muliple animations same timeline
Post by: WorldWideZ on Oct 27, 13, 08:20:32 AM
you can blend animations together in the engine , and you can use track masks to play an animation on only selected bones

its all down to clever AAS and ASQ scripting to get the results you want , along with setting up all the possible masks you need in the skeleton export
Title: Re: muliple animations same timeline
Post by: keeperofstars on Oct 27, 13, 09:47:03 AM
yeap the animation scripting in Hero along with animation channels, provides a super easy to put together but complex in results. aka it's easy to do but can provide lots of control over your animations.

The catch is learning to build in small chunks of animation and then putting them together with the animation scripts.

For example can have the guy moving his legs forward in a run, get hit by a fireball and then play the chest area turning for the impact while the legs still move forward in run. Can even adjust the run speed at that moment with animation variables to slow the run down during the impact animation duration. So you have two seperate animations, run animation and upper chest impact turn. But you don't have to make a 3rd of slower leg run while upper body turn, cause the animation scripts can handle putting those together.
This can help cut down on number of animations loaded into player clients. As they only needed 2 animations to play for that scenario. It also provides you with lots of flexibility, in controlling the character. Also you get to reuse animations.

Same scenario, instead of needing walkTurnImpact, runTurnImpact, standingStillTurnImpact, walk, run, standing. you just need

walk, run, standing, turn impact.

so went from 6 animations needed to 4 to get the same effect.
Start doing this across all the animations you need and suddenly you start to save a ton of animation that need to be made and that need to be loaded by the client during game play.
Title: Re: muliple animations same timeline
Post by: davidcass on Oct 27, 13, 08:16:40 PM
thanks for your  answers,we have got all animations working and exported using the  hero animation sequence tool in max as a batch of animations,all good,except , we did 5 separte biped animations setting the srb hierarchy inherit settings,
then used motion mixer in max to import all the biped animations to a single timeline for the export, but when we check the hierarchy inherit settings they are changed not imported with the bipeds srb,  the problem is in max before we export

note when we save the individual animations in max we can save the biped along with the Srb and helper objects. which we can import all together by checking the objects box (biped import max). but when we use motion mixer to import all the animations the option to import  objects (srb) is greyed out therefore the settings on the srb are lost (inherit move/rotate etc)
i need to try another way to same timeline animations other than using Motion mixer in max