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Title: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: gaarzen on Dec 15, 13, 01:29:37 PM
Hey guys :)
Our programmer keeps losing progress and having his code messed up whenever HE receives new updates and changes in the code.
Is there any way to avoid that !?

Thanks a lot !
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: feredfn on Dec 15, 13, 01:38:13 PM
Well basically your programmers must not change any engine script files , i also recommend dont even change scripts related to clean engine which usually start with "E_" prefix...

Instead , you should create ur game class methods, scripts , fields , classes and GUI ...
Some of main system nodes require you to remove the clean engine and add your game class methods by using CLI or HotSpot menu (hotkey : F5 ) , on Tools tab , System Nodes Configuration GUI , ...

Your developers also can find more information on wiki such as link below :
http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Category:System_Nodes (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Category:System_Nodes)
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: WorldWideZ on Dec 15, 13, 01:55:42 PM
if your editing the _ prefixed code your going about it the wrong way , you over ride the functions in them in your own scripts not replace the methods in the engine ones , there is a warning to tell you its not advisable and everything.

If you really must change something in a engine script then make a engine script change log , and keep a offline back up of the script you changed. If progress is lost on a update you can merge it back in. Major effort you can avoid though.
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: FI-ScottZ on Dec 15, 13, 02:14:30 PM
There are some select instances where you might want to change the clean engine code, but you should have a very good understanding of the implications, as things can get very messed up if you are not careful.

The scripts are automatically backed-up, saving every version whether made by your team or the auto-updates, so it is not necessary to keep your own backups.  Just use a diff program along with the script editor history panel to view an old version, then copy and paste the old code into the script and submit.

If you do make changes to clean engine scripts, then I agree that you'll want to make note of the scripts that you changed.  Then, when an engine update comes out, check your list of changed scripts to see if any were overwritten, since not all updates change the scripts.  Also, examine what changed, if anything, between the previous engine update and the new one.  If they put out changes, you most likely would want to merge those changes into your own edits and submit a hybrid version.

The E_ scripts do not get updated in the engine updates, so you don't need to worry about changes to them being overwritten.  However, you might wish to keep them as-is for reference sake and make copies of them using your own prefix just to separate your work from what was there.

This caveat, of course, is that since E_ scripts do not get updated, they might become outdated as the engine changes, so be on the lookout for that.
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: gaarzen on Dec 15, 13, 02:53:12 PM
Thanks for the replies !
I haven't explained myself good enough I'm afraid.
Non of the core HE scripts is being edited or replaced but other scripts have been made according to the core scripts. The programmer created his own classes and his own scripts according to the HE core ones.
However, after HE updated at some point in the last 6 months, many of the results were broken and it's not the first time that happens.
For instance, there is a drag and drop abilities GUI which has been working fine while moving from one area to another and after HE updated the same GUI started replicating itself when moving to other areas. It appears something in the core functionality of the code has been changed.

Did any of you experience that?
Thanks :)
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: Thazager on Dec 15, 13, 03:29:52 PM
Usually when a character moves from 1 area to another most information needs to be reloaded from the server side and applied to that character on client side.

The last updates we had were in Mar on the 14th. This can be found by looking at the dates on the engine scripts in the script editor as modified by HeroEnginePublish. Also one can see who has modified which code, as their email will be shown next to it (unless it was the Hero Engine Devs).

Scripts that are engine specific are the HE_ and the _ , basically any script that has the grey line showing at the bottom of the script saying "This script is part of HeroEngine and should not be modified for game specific purposes." Clicking the Show Engine box will show these scripts.
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: keeperofstars on Dec 15, 13, 04:12:35 PM
keep eye out on "things you may need to change" it's typically when they make a mid publish patch, but that usually doesn't affect too much but more of a take a look out.

As stated beyond a small patch a bit ago, there really hasn't been much of an update. The thing to be aware of is if you are building off a core aspect and they change the core you have to be aware, They are good about listing the changes / updates, etc.

But even they aren't perfect, it's best to usually give a sweep of systems after any real update. And post it right after the patch, so they can check / revise.

Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: Tarra2012 on Dec 16, 13, 01:50:07 PM
>>code messed up whenever HE receives new updates
I guess you need to give more detailed error messages and your list of changed _/HE_ scripts.
Scan (prior to update) in HSL browser which of them have been changed by the coder.

I have seen only 2 updates, but none of them intereferred with our written parts. Besides some outdated Geometry/Speedtree console Statements.

Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: HE-Cooper on Dec 16, 13, 02:21:05 PM
There hasn't been an update pushed to the cloud since August, so you're most likely misunderstanding the cause of your issue. Could be local problem with versions of scripts, could be bugs in your code manifesting on server spin up.
Title: Re: Avoid Losing Progress on HE updates?
Post by: gaarzen on Dec 17, 13, 01:51:03 PM
Got it,
thanks a lot for the info guys !