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Title: Replacing files on repository
Post by: creativityheaven on Feb 05, 14, 06:29:43 PM
I've noticed that if you update assets on the repository -- in this case, .hgm files, -- that if you use the same name, the game will automatically use the old asset. This is somewhat frustrating. Workarounds?
Title: Re: Replacing files on repository
Post by: keeperofstars on Feb 05, 14, 06:45:56 PM
Did you log off and back on after making the change?

Cause keep in mind the repository server side caches the asset on the client side first time it's called, so if you change it,

The client is calling for the same .hgm see's it cached locally, and goes oh hmmm wonder if it's cool or not. I'm assuming this is in regards to static assets.

characters tend to refresh a bit differently when updated.

I could be wrong but would need to check though, with just reloading the mesh, but I feel that could possibly be the issue. though.
Title: Re: Replacing files on repository
Post by: HE-Cooper on Feb 05, 14, 07:39:15 PM
When you update a file in the repo the server will continue to use the last version of the file until it recognizes that there is a diff in the files, or until it sleeps. If you update a file like a model with a minor change, or an internal max or maya change that doesn't change a feature of the file, the server may not recognize the diff immediately as being a change that needs to be pushed live to the clients. But most often I find that it's a local connection that is updating slowly, or that an older version of the file was actually uploaded, or that the sync wasn't set up correctly. It's always possible that there is a wider spread issue. But it would essentially render uploading assets impossible.