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Title: Recruitment: Wardens
Post by: Alex on Jul 19, 11, 11:05:39 PM
"Throughout human history, we have been quietly protected from the dark things from beyond space--we never knew about the secret organization that quelled the beasts and we never wanted to.  Governments turned a blind eye to their actions and method, as long as the problems were contained.  All that changed in the blink of an eye when a giant, angry elder god awoke and freed itself from it's cage below the island of Manhattan.  Those who weren't lucky enough to be killed outright were infected by the spores of the beast, and transformed into ravenous, rabid beasts without mercy or fear.  In some extreme cases, they were mutated beyond recognition into terrifying creatures as you've never seen in your worst nightmares.  And a very small, unlucky few... survived.  By twist of fate or fact of genetics, you are immune.  The world was a prison for ancient evil, the riot just started, and you?  You're a Warden.  Humanity's last shot."
- Excerpted from our world's backstory documents.

Howdy.  I'm representing Tartarean Productions.

We're currently in the early design stages for a near-future, post-apocalyptic horror MMO, tentatively titled "Wardens."  The game initially started as a Unity project, but we managed to get early adopter status for HeroEngine.  There's a great deal of love among our team members for classic horror films from the likes of Romero and John Carpenter, and a deep regard for the properties of H.P. Lovecraft and other famed masters of terror.

We have a really skilled team:
* Me and my co-creator, a published horror novelist, are busily creating the lore of the world, the bestiary, and designing story arcs.
* We have a skilled programmer with decades of experience running the technical side of things; He himself ran his own NWN shard for many years, and at it's height he had 4000 players in his world.  In addition to this we have another programmer with a little less experience, but familiarity with Idea Fabrik's proprietary coding/scripting language.
* A former QA tester from Bioware, and an extremely talented game designer are working out the mechanics of combat and skills
* Our GUI is being designed by a professional graphic artist who has worked on webdesign for several major publications.
* We are getting consultation from a musician who specializes in aural design in video games, and has done work for several titles published through Activision.  We're getting assistance in figuring out the AI for swarming, riotous enemies from a programmer at a major film studio.

But what don't we have?  Artists.  Me and my co-creator are good enough that we can come up with decent character and monster designs, but unfortunately, we lost the 3D artist we were banking on... just as we were about ready to begin.

Because of the limitations of what is presently compatible with HeroEngine, we need someone with access to either 3DS Max or Maya.  It sucks, I know, but there are plans in the works (per official statements from IdeaFabrik) to make Blender a supported tool as well... just not anytime soon.

If this is something you'd be interested in, please speak up.  Also we'd love a link to your portfolio, as well.

PS, If you do join us, we have a nice little NDA we'd like you to sign before we hook you up with access to our private forums and development Wiki.
PPS, If the game goes live, you will be getting paid for your work.  That said, we have potential investors lined up, but they just need to get a playable "demo" in their hands before they'll cough up.