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Title: Cooper -- new feature request
Post by: creativityheaven on Jun 05, 14, 02:27:04 PM
I have a request for a new feature: a subforum where users request new features! Is there any reason at all why you would not do this?


Title: Re: Cooper -- new feature request
Post by: HE-Cooper on Jun 05, 14, 02:43:04 PM
You're welcome to post about any feature you need in the relevant sections of the forums, but please don't put my name in the title of your post. We aren't currently looking for new feature requests, as our development slate is full, but we read all posts from our developers.
Title: new feature request
Post by: creativityheaven on Jun 05, 14, 04:19:27 PM
Can we get a subforum where developers list of features currently being implemented, and licensees offer their input on how their implementation ought to be prioritized? For example, you could state that IF is working on adding features A, B, and C, into HeroEngine. And licensees could give feedback on which features they consider most important.

Different opinions.

"C first, then B, then A."
"No, I think B should be first, because of this reason, and that reason."
"Well, B could take a long time to develop, so maybe they should focus on A first, then B, then C."
Title: Re: Cooper -- new feature request
Post by: OblivionMMO on Jun 05, 14, 05:07:09 PM
I don't see how this would be relevant, as any of the licensee's are not in any way knowledgeable on the development flow or process to add any relevant or valuable input into the design flow.  I believe it's best to allow the HE teams affairs to remain their own, and allow us to continue on our own workflow.  Quartz has proven that the bugs and problems reported are rectified and fixed, all in their own time.  I don't think Cooper and Herb have the time to sit and be consistently answering your requests on the forum, nor be dictated to the order of their workflow.

I suppose a more logical question would be, would you expect Epic to allow you to dictate creation direction on Unreal Engine 4?  No.  Just because Cooper, Herb and others take the time to respond to posts, and read the forums, and we are a smaller community, renders their design flow and process no more inert than say Epic or CRYTek.

This is not a molded to suit your needs service, HE serves its intended purpose and is expandable to include the various things you desire.  What features exactly would you be asking them to create for you, if I may pry?  As currently it does everything it needs or is asked to, leaving the customization and gameplay to *you* the Developer.  Anything more 'feature' wise would simply be adding MMORPG feature sets and systems into the blank engine, which is not particularly useful.