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Title: Unable to Login
Post by: Mikey90 on Jul 27, 14, 05:02:33 AM
I am now unable to login after trying to run a script that deleted all nodes with a certain class.

This is the error I get when trying to login.

02:54:20: HeStartup Call...
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:Windows version: 6
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:Game Scale set to: 10.00
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:Initializing HeroBlade DLL
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:SelectionManager::Startup()
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:GUIControl::SetupScreen()
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:AudioManager()
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:Audio plugin [FMOD] initialized successfully
02:54:20: SYSTEM:System:DebugVisualizer Setup
02:54:20: System:HeroEngine Client DLL told version is:
02:54:22: SYSTEM:System:BaseApplication::initialize   Service_Directory_Client   1406454860767   8
02:54:56: SYSTEM:System:LR:setDefaultCacheSize
02:54:56: SYSTEM:System:LR:setDefaultCacheSize done
02:54:57: !ERROR!System:Firestorm Error, Type FFFFFFFF: Unable to load player
02:54:57: !ERROR!System:Connection to Server Lost: Connection Lost

Please help ASAP HE Staff. I can't do any work not being able to login. =\
Title: Re: Unable to Login
Post by: WorldWideZ on Jul 27, 14, 09:14:31 AM
you might want to email the support desk too , looks like its a going to be fun to fix   
Title: Re: Unable to Login
Post by: Mikey90 on Jul 27, 14, 10:58:09 AM
Looks like letting the world spin down fixed it. Not sure why.
Title: Re: Unable to Login
Post by: Thazager on Jul 27, 14, 07:47:00 PM
Making some areas with code, will also require the world to spin down (sleep). Many of the client side nodes are created when the world spins up and stay that way until it goes back to sleep. If they are deleted on client side only, chances are they are not permanently gone, even though the current game code will not run without them.