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Title: MOBA Style <Concept> Rise of the Hero's (ROTH) Need Feedback, Criticisms
Post by: Mordiaky on Sep 17, 14, 08:46:11 PM
Rise of the Hero's (ROTH)
 3rd Generation MOBA



ROTH with the traditional MOBA style ( LOL, HON and DOTA Inspired style) will have unique mechanics that can change the way MOBA is played today. The new addition will be the Overlord(Commander). The 6th player (one on each team) will have its own abilities and will bring balance where balance is needed!


This Overlord can buff creeps(Minions) per lane, Send a minion to hand a potion to a team member in need or even cast a heal spell. The Overlord can watch areas of the map that the rest of the team is to busy to see, Ping and warn players of threats, cast wards in bushes and much more.


Oh this is not an easy task and will require lots of training to master. see all the Overlords abilities cost gold. His/Her minions in the arena will needs to make the final blow NOT the player. but that is ok for each player can contribute up to 10% of their earned income to the Overlord to help the team.


The Player wanting to be the overlord can purchase new skins for the creeps (minions) or the Turrets and even the base can have a unique look.


The overlord can summon Great minions(end game stuff and will cost a lot of gold) that will require 3 or more champions at the top level to kill. or instead he can cast a team buff ( again end game stuff) that can change the tide of the battle.


Send minions to repair turrets or inhibitors. but this all can come with a cost.....


The other team can stop these minion helpers, they are not as strong and they do provide extra gold. if one is trying to hand a player a new item and the other team kills this minion..... well he may drop this new item on the ground for the other team.


Tactics will be needed to be the Hero in ROTH.


6v6v6 maps can be introduced to this style of game.


Guilds can be created!

Guild v Guild battles in Large arenas!



This is ALL Concept


Features Include:

◾6v6 Maps : this includes the Commanding Player

◾Commanding Player : This player will be Unique to any MOBA game. He/She will be the one controlling the map, spawning minions, helping players on the field, sending commands, Watching hero's back, comes with its own skins to customize inhibitors, towers, and minions. Will have its own talent tree section to help improve on this very important role. a Good commander can change the tide in any battle.

◾Enhanced Engine with the latest technology in networking and data capturing. (Hero Engine)

◾Twitch enabled (maybe with Hero Engine)

◾Guild Creation

◾Team Creation this will be a child group of the guild so each guild can have multiple teams

◾New Players will learn quicker with our advance AI system. Not only will the games jump you right in, it will help  you master your roles. from top lane, mid lane, bot lane or even now the commander role. The custom Training camps will force each player to stick to their lanes in the beginning to teach each one the importance of their role, then the advance training will get into jungling, lane swaps, and team battles.

◾Taking advice from the Top players of other MOBA games we will build this MOBA  to change the way the MOBA is viewed today.

◾FREE to play with up to 10 Champions and 3 commanding styles to start.

◾We will utilize the amazon servers for best connection for each player.

◾In game Voice chat ( We understand most have their own and I agree it is better at times, but when you are playing with teammates without mic's or in your voice program, you will have a way to communicate vocally with  your team right out of the box)

◾In game items that gear for each role, mix and match to find the best combination, increase magic defense or attack defense, or a little of both, work of higher damage or crit's, or  you can use the pre built suggested items per champion.

◾Gear for the commander to help minions defense or attack, help the turrets hit points or damage or even range.

◾and much more…..

This will be free of charge to download, create and account and play, just like the traditional style of MOBA. You will be able to purchase skins, champions as they become live.





Q: Why do you call this the 3rd generation of MOBA games?

A: Short answer, The first Generation was created using Blizzard tools in Warcraft 3 and StarCraft to create such games as mods. Now you will see stand alone games like LoL and HoN and that will be the second generation of the games. This is the 3RD generation because we  are changing the dynamics of the game while keeping its true MOBA style game play experience. adding the 6th player to the map, allowing a 6v6v6 Game mode. The commander on each team will be the tipping point on any battle.


Q: What will the commanders role be?

A: Teams need a leader, someone to guide them. Think of it as a coach, or central command that can watch over the whole battle. when you're in a fight on the top lane  and  other teams mates warns you about a possible gank from the mid lane, you may not see the chat spam and end up dying, having that extra set of eyes that does not need to watch his own skin and is able to look after his team can really turn the tide.

Target date will be (When its ready)


Game Engine: HeroEngine


The team: (Just me at the moment)

We will need to start small like any company.  The higher the funding the more we can higher and create. with this said here are the top skills we will need to get this started.


Programmer x 2 :  2 programmers will be enough to build on and working together to create the best possible engine and or game mechanics


2D artist x 1 : we only need to start off with one artist to create the skins and art work for the game.


3D artist x 2: The artist will need to be able to handle animation and the in game 3D models


Sound Artist x 1 Great games needs Great sounds

Budget =  Beans and rice till this game is done!





Joshua Thomas,

Programmer, Game Developer(WanaBe), and a Dreamer!

In the real world I am a Datacenter Engineer working as a Exchange Administrator handling Migrations for Large companies with over 300,000 mailboxes

My programming skills = PowerShell
My Modeling skills = Blender
My Game writing experience = None to show off. But BIG Imagination and full of ideas!