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Title: Firestorm error?
Post by: Thazager on Feb 17, 15, 09:32:50 PM
Would something like this effect everyone on the server?  All get disconnected?
(I got disconnected with that message, when I was working in a script not with any GUI)

21:28:01: !ERROR!System:Firestorm Error, Type FFFFFFFF: Unknown message type.
21:28:01: !ERROR!System:Connection to Server Lost: Connection Lost
21:28:01: !ERROR!System:GUIGhostInterface::Build(RFIF): GOM ERROR: GOM::addNodeFromPrototype (10553): error: with InternalException message 'Unable to create an instance from the prototype(1000045284), as it is not a valid prototype id.' node=1000045283
21:28:01: !ERROR!System:GUIGhostInterface::Build: Failed to create GUI control. name=GUIPanel