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Title: World Machine - Import Textures?
Post by: nocake on Mar 28, 15, 07:11:19 PM

I have not dug into this dll solution yet but i have a few questions before I continue.

1. Is there a way to import textures as well through a default export from world machine or at least match texture to specific levels?
Problem: Importing only creates the height map with the default texture applied.

2. If there is no simple way to export/match textures then will the compiler linked in the post above be the right path to get started on for accomplishing that? Or is the only way to import the heightmap then hand paint the world?

Title: Re: World Machine - Import Textures?
Post by: AWW_boss on Mar 29, 15, 12:30:30 AM
Hi, i can try to answer your questions.

That plugin introduced support for RAW format, which is now included in the engine so you don't really need it. Just forget about the plugin.

I don't think there is a simple (or even any) way to export/match textures. You will have to hand paint the world.