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Title: CdnGater takes the plunge
Post by: Cdngater on Aug 07, 15, 04:46:57 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been a programmer for 20+ years professionally and a hobbyist programmer for 30+ years.  I programmed a few games back when BBS's were big, yeh, before the internet!  For the last 12 years I have been working at a company programming Bingo Game Systems for Bingo Halls and Casinos (more complicated than you probably realize). 

I play lots of MMOs and have been working on my own idea for a long time.  First started with Neoaxis, then switched to Unity3D about 1.5 years ago.  All the time, keeping an eye on Hero Engine.  Seeing SWTOR done in HE was a major boost.  As I was coding in Unity3D, I kept looking at Hero Engine features, thinking, why I am trying to reinvent the wheel? HE has done it already!

So..  Yesterday, I took the plunge and paid for a subscription.  Now I am learning HeroScript!!

Most forums I visit, when people say they are building a MMO get ragged on so much I think they give up.  Seeing as HE is made for MMO's I don't see that happening.  But with that said,  I know it takes a lot of people, money and work to make a MMO.    Personally, I don't care.  I am enjoying coding and its fun seeing if I can do it.  If I ever get lucky and finish my game, or join a team that finishes a game,  then yay!   

But until then,  I am going to have fun with Hero Engine.  I hope to see you all around having just as much fun!


Title: Re: CdnGater takes the plunge
Post by: Amarak on Aug 07, 15, 07:03:11 PM
I am a 3D artist not a coder, but I am basically doing the same thing as you. I am enjoying playing around with Heroengine even if I don't make a finished game, although I admit it is my long-term goal.

Title: Re: CdnGater takes the plunge
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Aug 08, 15, 03:26:24 AM
Start small and slow. Learn the engine and its capabilities and how to use it before diving into the deep stuff.

Plan and design your game as much as possible. Be sure to learn how to use the versioning for reverting bad changes in code. Join the HE skype community groups for helpful hints and questions...speaking of questions ask a shit ton of them on here for good answers.

Title: Re: CdnGater takes the plunge
Post by: Cdngater on Aug 08, 15, 07:24:44 AM

Good morning,

Thank you for the welcomes. I plan to be asking lots of questions, but before I will ask a question I need to go thought the code, the wiki and fourms in case it was already answered.  Hate to bother people with questions that have already been answered.   

Thanks for the heads up about Skype, I will look into that.

Title: Re: CdnGater takes the plunge
Post by: JGrant on Aug 08, 15, 07:37:39 AM
Welcome CdnGater,
     I will have to say that we do have a great community here and between forums, wiki and skype help can be found.

I would not worry to much about asking questions that have already been answered somewhere else though because information can get buried and sometimes should be brought back to light.

Good luck with your project and hope we can help each other in the future.