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Title: Hero Engine Evolution
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Oct 21, 15, 06:42:23 AM
Hey fellow developers.

We have been with Hero Engine for a few years now and have seen the engine itself change over that time. These changes have always been for the better in my view. I have really enjoyed my experiences while working within the engine. It has been a real challenge at times as HE does some things differently compared to other similar engines on the market.

It takes some getting use to, working within HE. But once you have put in the man hours to do so, the rewards are there for sure. It takes a bit of dedication to get into both the art and coding side of things as both have complexities that can only be figured out over time and on the job so to speak.

In the last few months, i have really seen a concerted effort behind the scenes to increase HE's technical capabilities and also public standing. I sense that great things are to come for the engine and we are here for the journey as well.

The patch notes speak for themselves really. Hundreds of fixes and additions in many aspects of the engine making it an easier and smoother ride for us. Ive also seen my own suggestions taken onboard by the HE development staff and implemented as physical tools within the engine for us to use which is wonderful as it has shown they are open to comments and thoughts from the people that use the engine.

I have seen some people say that HE should be free. Let me say this. For $99 you get your servers and hosting and bandwidth set up and paid for. What other engine would ever do that for you? None is the simple answer to that one. The licence deals that HE offer are fantastic when you consider the behind the scenes costs that are all covered for you from day one of setup to full release and afterwards.

HE does in terms of networking and multiplayer capability what in other engines would cost a developer thousands of dollars to set up and maintain over the course of development. So when you look at that $99 price tag you have to think of that.

Plus the fact we have totally live development and changes propagated to our game servers/worlds instantly between developers. All of that is built into the engine as base with no tinkering required to set it up.

I have seen some people poo poo the engine simply because it can be difficult at times to use. These comments are 99% of the time from projects that have a team of 1 person that is either a programmer OR artist OR idea person. You can not create an MMO by yourself. Even if you did manage to have the skill to do all the design, art, concepts, PR, coding, website and other stuff required to make an indie game, it would take you many years to do this for as complex a game as an MMO. I see projects of 1 person creating a game and i highly encourage them to expand their teams.

A small team with a couple of dedicated people in each of these departments will get along fine and with minimal budget will be able to create a wonderful looking game with essentially any type of gameplay system that you would possibly think of.

It has been really interesting to see the different projects come and go on HE. The new wave that have recently popped up are very eclectic and cover many different genres which is highly encouraging to see. I love seeing HE projects get successful kickstarter funding and i really like it when i see updates and posts with pics and videos of your games.

The new Skype group chat group that was set up by the HE staff is also another extremely useful, personal tool for us developers to use as it lets us talk live about work arounds for problems and possible design methods etc. Thanks for that one.

I for one cant wait to see what Hero Engine turns into in the next 6 months. I have a good feeling about this.
Title: Re: Hero Engine Evolution
Post by: TGSRofar on Oct 21, 15, 04:12:25 PM
Nice editorial with a lot of good points being made.
Title: Re: Hero Engine Evolution
Post by: Amarak on Oct 21, 15, 06:30:48 PM
I like HE, it is my dream engine even with the flaws it currently has. :)
Title: Re: Hero Engine Evolution
Post by: OblivionMMO on Oct 22, 15, 01:26:42 PM
Greetings All,

As some of you may, or may not know, I spent nearly a year and a half developing Oblivion in HeroEngine.  It was with great pain I chose to abandon all of our work, and move over to Unreal.  This transpired in the distant past, and was caused primarily by the continual unmet promises, and general lack of communication from the IF Staff and our development team.  The constant spin, and hype that was thrown out by someone I will leave unnamed reminded me too much of my days at SOE and my extreme dislike for the 'politics' of Development.

That being said, in recent times I was informed there had been a shakeup at IF, that new things were coming down the pipe, and there were new (tested, tried, trustworthy) people heading up the chain of operations.  I was, both dubious and hesitant at first to take a look at HE.  Afterall, I had experienced nothing but negativity in my time associating with it.  I am, quite pleased however to reaffirm Prometheus in my statement that the latest patches, improvements, and the now (dramatic) increase in communication is something I really like.

I was on the fence, until earlier today when I had the opportunity to really sit down, read some of the forums and see where HeroEngine was 'going' so to speak.  In my opinion, HE will end up the definitive MMORPG engine, in the near future and continuing on.  So it is with great pleasure, that I reveal to you all that Oblivion will be switching back (Indecision much) to HeroEngine development beginning in January.  This is not a decision myself, my executive staff, or my employees came to easily, but it is however one we've thought out fully, and I saw no better opportunity to state this than in response to Prometheus' own thoughts that quite parallel my own.

It is my belief with the current leadership at IF in place, the quick pacing of updates and the quality of the updates that are coming down the pipeline, that we can (all of us, yes, I mean you, person reading this) create successful, beautiful, fantastic game experiences for our players, and ourselves.  As a lifetime license holder (You jelly bro?) I am quite glad at the investment we made in the past, and I now feel that it was not a futile, or idiotic effort (as I did some months ago, or a year ago when we halted development in HE).

Thank's for your time guys, and thanks for your time and effort IF.  You guys are great.
Title: Re: Hero Engine Evolution
Post by: FI-ScottZ on Oct 22, 15, 03:42:59 PM
Welcome back!
Title: Re: Hero Engine Evolution
Post by: keeperofstars on Oct 22, 15, 04:12:44 PM
Welcome back, and I know where you coming from Oblivion,

wasn't but a year ago I was in a sort of holding pattern with HE. But of late with the new shake up, the new community focus, and the fix then upgrade method, versus an aspect of just keep slamming stuff on top of broken stuff. All makes for a huge gain in HE for my mindset.

The new leadership staff mixed in with the old expertise, has really made a difference in my book. Also he who shall not be mentioned was sent to pasture, so I think we will have a much more honest approach to communication.

Also while it might take a tad longer than we all want I really see the revived effort to get HE's shit in order to say. And this time around IF is taking a community first approach.

I'm excited to get to see where it goes and ends up being. With some tender love and care which HE is getting in droves by the developers at the moment, the engine can really shine.