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Title: Talented & Aspiring Composer With Passion for Stories
Post by: MarkusLappalainen on Jan 07, 16, 08:41:58 AM

The name is Markus Lappalainen and I am here to offer my talent and taste as a composer for your game. Mostly I focus on writing orchestral music but when needed I am more than glad to spice things up with my many years of experience in the rock family. I also have experience in ambient music which I'm sure becomes handy. As a musician I love telling stories with music. That is why I'd rather not make high-octane action/trailer music. Instead I focus on bringing up the spirit of the scene, place and moment.

Contact me for my price even if you are on a tight budget! I prefer e-mail to markustalappalainen@icloud.com or a message to my professional Skype composermarkuslappalainen. If you contact me to my Skype, remember to write a short message of why you are contacting me. Due to spam contacts I cannot accept contacts that seem suspicious. Contact via this forum works great too, I am present rather often and follow my e-mail alerts from the community.

From me you will get:
Finally I believe you want to hear some of the work that I have done.

Examples of orchestral music:

More action

Overworld theme

Location themes

Examples of crossover music:

Moment of action

Location themes

Examples of ambient music:

Environmental themes

For more, you can always venture further at my SoundCloud profile which you will find down in my signature behind the SoundCloud logo. I have also added my LinkedIn if you wish to take a peek over there. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for but would still like to see if I am the match for the production, I am more than glad to make a short max 30 sec demo for you.

Thank you for your attention, I look forward to working with you!