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Title: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 10, 16, 12:22:59 PM
Welcome to Daedalus Online, a First Person Generalistic SciFi MMORPG based loosely on games like Traveller, Star Fronteries and many others.

I have been interested in SciFi and Space for as long as I can remember.  I always thought it would be fun to live in the future of hover cars and spaceships. I have been developing this concept in my mind for a long time, and have thought many times of writing a game.

I am a developer aka a 'code monkey' and have been developing in C++ and C# for many, many years. So with that kind of experience I started developing many prototypes, but they all lacked one thing to me, other people.  Along came MUDs and MMORPGs and so my thoughts shifted into making a multiplayer game, this is where HeroEngine comes in.

Heroengine takes care of the back end networking for me, allowing me to concentrate on developing the game itself. Now I know building a Mmorpg is a huge and daunting task that I probably won't complete it myself.  But until that time comes I am going to give this my best shot and have fun doing it.

Well that's a tough question to answer. Seeing as it's currently just me developing it could take a very long time. But maybe the journey you will take with me as I develop this game will help you and or encourage you in your own dreams.

Daedalus Online is a Sci-Fi first person massive multiple player online role playing game that pulls incentive from Star Wars Galaxies, Freelancer, Star Wars the Old Republic, Anarchy Online, Earth and Beyond, Star Frontier, Traveler,  Core Command, and possible many more.

The premises of Daedalus is that there are three major factions in conflict. Two of the factions are playable were as the third is NPC driven.  There are also numerous smaller NPC factions that will either assist or hinder players.

Players will travel to multiple planets and story instances as they search and encounter clues that forward them in their own stories.

What sets Daedalus apart from other mmorpgs?

What does Daedalus has that's the same as other mmorpgs?

With everything I have said above, I know I have a huge vision. But as I said before, I am going to give it my best shot and have fun doing it.  So please come back as I put my thoughts down and hopefully present you with more information, screenshots and videos as I progress.

Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 10, 16, 12:23:25 PM

Attributes are made up of 3 meta attributes each composed of two other normal attributes.  Eg: Body = Brawn + Coordination

Brawn: Physical Power, Mass and Muscle power. For each power of Brawn the character can lift 100 Lb. of weight
Coordination: Hand eye coordination, Grace, Reflexes.

Reasoning: To puzzle though something. To find a hidden logic based clue. Common Sense
Intellect: Learned and Remember. To recall or remember a piece of information or data.  Knowledge and learned information skills.

Will: Personal Mental fortitude. Your personal Presence. Personal Confidence.   
Power: Raw Magical Aptitude. Person Control of your Nantes. Luck

Class and skill trees

A skill tree is a group of similar skills that can be bought and levelled.

No direct classes.

Instead each player selects their own 1 X Primary, 2 x secondary, 3 x tertiary skill trees. Costs of skills would also be adjusted based on primary, secondary or tertiary levels.[/font]


I want to see proper integration of a faction war into instances.
Eg: one instance two different objectives depending on faction.

Instance Mine A:
   Faction A, they must defend the mine from invading faction B NPCs.
   Faction B, has to invade the mine killing all of faction A NPC defenders.

Combining instances

I would like to see instances combined, kinda, it's actually an illusion.

Raid instance & normal Instance example
Imagine this,  You group has to sneak into a Power Station and deactivate it.  What they see, is that when deactivating the PowerStation a set of doors are unlocked, there are friendly NPCS that go through the door.       The Raid will come across some doors, and have to wait for NPCS to disable the PowerStation.     The instances are separate but they give the illusion of working together.

Ship construction
Ships are made up of a number of Components and Modules


A ship is made up of various levels of components.

Bow, beam, quarters, bridge, engines, modules

Bow contains the ships sensors, can only connect to quarters or beam.

Beam holds various modules, can only connect to bow, quarters or engines

Quarters contains life support, can only connect to bow, beam or engines. Bridge can only connect to quarters.

Bridge is the control center, the higher level, the higher components and modules, can only connect to the quarters.

Engines are the power plant for the ship, only connects to a beam or quarters.

Modules are what defines the ship.  Cargo, passenger, combat, hanger bay, industrial

Each level of component will have 2 or more different looks that have no bearing on ship performance. This is for allowing different looks off a ship.
Bow/quarters/bridge combination


How I see modules working, this is more based on a Cargo Ship but the concept would be the same for the rest. You could not put a Transport Bow on a Frigate, nor could you put a Battleship engine on a mining ship.  Each class is unique designs.  The rules on modules would probably be different for the military ships. Eg: Bridge attach to bow module for Carriers, a bridge could be attached to bow or living quarters for frigates. Ive not thought that far ahead yet.

Starter Ship will be basic Bow, Quarters, Bridge, Engine, which gives, limited combat, and cargo space.

Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 10, 16, 12:24:01 PM
Game Story

The Story is the basic good vs evil war, of course good and evil is relative to each faction.  I have not decided what each faction is yet.  Is it Corporation vs Corporation?  Rebels vs imperials?  The establishment vs the mundane?  Humans vs Aliens?

Faction Story
Story content will be advancing the war between the two factions until the third faction makes an appearance.

Player Story
Each player will have their own story to follow though I have no clue what they are based on atm.  Player Major?

Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 11, 16, 11:40:32 AM
Outline and Milestones

Finish The Design Document
Simple Character Selection
Very Simple Character Creation (Need a real 3D artist for creating characters)
Changing Areas - Seamless and non-Seamless
Auction Houses
Player Stations
Player Ships
Combat PVE & PVP

Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 11, 16, 11:46:18 AM
Reserved for future use. Eg links to my update posts.
Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 11, 16, 11:49:33 AM
Reserved for future use.
Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: ToY-Krun on Jan 11, 16, 05:59:53 PM
You have a very good start!
AND, I applaud your laying it out as you have here.
This is a good example of the sort of structure that others can learn from when starting out.

Quite often people may dive into trying to create their game without giving proper forethought
as to what systems they need etc.

You have a plan, and you've stated your purpose.. I look forward to seeing your game progress.

Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Cdngater on Jan 12, 16, 07:00:46 AM
Thank you for the kind words.

 I also have been working on a design document for a while, but it has a lot of technical information like formulas and game secrets.

Putting some of the information up here on the forums;

And I think point 3 was why I was reluctant to post anything originally, but now it's here I better get my butt in gear and work on it.  Lol
Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Jan 12, 16, 11:51:59 AM
More scifi games are needed. I like the premise and the name.
Title: Re: Daedalus Online (Working Title)
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Mar 08, 16, 08:08:01 AM
More updates please :)