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Title: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: Ignatios on Apr 13, 16, 05:52:53 PM
Hello everyone, been doing a little more research before delving and learning a 3D Modeler.

My question today (I know, I have a lot of questions haha) is the concept behind a player equipping their armor and weapons and it of course visually changing on them. I understand you need their basic model, so a human male in just undergarments and that is the base model for the player...Now, how would you apply equipment to appear and change based on the item being equipped ingame?
Title: Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: nocake on Apr 13, 16, 06:56:07 PM
Just my quick suggestion:
Look over the HJRef Item Visualation in the Utilities Interface.

Armor that is displayed on the character is different than weapons displayed in the player's hand but system handles both.
Title: Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: Ignatios on Apr 13, 16, 07:00:00 PM
Thank you, I do not have the engine yet because I haven't gotten paid, but I will be buying it tomorrow so I will be able to look at all of those resources once I have it.

Thank you though for the pointer!
Title: Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: ToY-Krun on Apr 13, 16, 11:00:09 PM
also, take a look at the difference between using dynamic parts VS prop bucket items.

These are displayed using very different methods and each has its pros / cons.
Consider your game design on this.

Also consider if you want to make use of the FaceGen technology, if so, then body armor would probably need to be dynamic parts rather than prop buckets so that the FaceGen morphing of the body mesh, can also morph armor to match various body types.

Dont hesitate to test both methods though as they both have their uses.
Title: Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: Ignatios on Apr 14, 16, 10:20:19 AM
FaceGen technology? I do not understand? I thought that you would just design the head with different facial structures for customization?
Title: Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: ToY-Krun on Apr 14, 16, 10:30:30 AM
Thats why i mentioned considering your game design.
You can simply provide a variety of different heads to choose from, as well as body styles,
However HE provides licensing to FaceGen and the tools to use it to allow players to customize their
characters using whatever facegen controls you decide to use.

Its up to you.

I would recommend getting used to the way things work in the intial world, which comes with a default dynamic character as well as a basic facegen panel you can test with to see how it can function on the default char.

Then you can choose what type of character you want to go with.

Either way, you will at some point want to use the prop bucket system that nocake mentioned, if not for armor, then for other objects. 

Whether you use FaceGen or not, you'll still want to use dynamic parts for armor or the items will not move correctly with the body during animation.   you can find descriptions of both systems in the wiki.  Look for dynamic parts system on the wiki.   As nocake mentioned as well, you can look at how HJREF set this up, they made use of the dynamic parts system for armor/clothing, and also used the bucket system for certain objects such as weapons.

In the end, its up to how you design your game :)
Title: Re: Player Equipping Armor/Weapons
Post by: Thazager on Apr 14, 16, 11:47:41 AM
Once you get in the engine, with your world section, you can check out facegen. Then when you make a character and load into the 1st area, Hit F5 for the Utilities Interface window. Click the Character Manager tab, and select Facgen Shapes tab. There are about 30+ sliders that will change the way the face looks. There are some others options that might also give you ideas of things that can be done to make characters.