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Title: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
Post by: Chrysaor on Jul 22, 16, 11:35:41 PM
Warhammer 40K: Damnation
I know I don’t hold the license, but if I could find more people willing to develop and design this game based loosely on the tabletop game, then I feel it could be the best MMO game ever made. I’m sure once Games Workshop realizes the quality and profit of the ideas behind this game, they will port their current devs over to create the penultimate Warhammer 40k game. I need some feedback on it if anyone is familiar with 40k, and possibly a way to contact the current devs of the upcoming Warhammer 40k game.

•   Point values determine your allotment of different weapons and squads, which make the game playable and balanced with every army (race)

•   Each player starts with a basic troop and 100 points to spend on their squad initially.

•   Level ups gain 5 points per level.

•   Initially, you pick an army that comes with the box price of the game and a custom HUD, along with their own mission packs.

•   Missions are sold and completed (with an instance that gains difficulty with the number of active players) to gain new special weapons weapons and Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Attack, and eventually HQ options

•   Each world has a large map wherein you can take control points to gain experience and own the whole map. NPC squads are spawned as needed for balance

•   Each mission is its own instance with destructible environments and full voice acting, with different objectives. There is a parameter for how many players can take on a single instanced mission

•   Players can create their own missions and maps with different objectives, text and goals (with a grid based customization and cover/clutter system). They may be previewed by players before being bought, and the developers gain a cut of the profits. This may also be done via facebook or with a phone (pending). Types of planets, sizes of map, cover, and miscellaneous map focal points can be bought for a small fee to add on to your map. Different objective types and legendary characters or unique NPC escort squads can be bought for a premium. Each mission can display its own text from your personal commander.

•   Army vs. Army battles are possible, and must follow the same army chart (depending on the size of the battle) as the tabletop game with different points values set while loading in the background of the overworld battles

•   Full customization of paint schemes with special textures of the game cost a minimal amount of money, with special textures and 3d customization options costing more money. Your squad gains the same paint scheme and customized army decal as the leader of your group on the overworld, in missions, and in PVP instances. Paint schemes and army decals can be created and sold (on facebook or smart phones as well) by players.

•   A radial menu handles squad commands and another radial menu allows you to pick switch to another basic soldier on the fly.

•   Each character has its own armor score and bleed meter, which is not always affected based on the type of projectile it is hit by. Each limb can be targeted and damaged, causing a wound that affects targets in different ways. Limbs damaged can affect your speed of movement or accuracy. Taking cover is handled by a single button press.

•   The ranged combat plays by locking onto a squad and putting them into a bracket that is targeted (loosely) by the rest of your squad. You can lock on automatically to any troop with a timer on the lock on based on your weapon within the bracket and flick over to any other enemy to target them instead. Holding the analogue stick causes your aim to leave the bracket. Targeting is faster and easier based on your gun. Your fellow AI members are wildly innacurate compared to real players.

•   You can switch to any squad member on the fly to access your earned and bought weapons. Heavy weapons act on a long recharge timer. Each weapon has its own projectile type. Bolters fire single shot explosive rounds that pass through armor and hit instantly, but have a large recoil. Necron rifles hit anything in their path and cause slight AoE damage. Tau rifles are slow moving at first, but cause a zipline to the target and do more damage at range (no bleeding). Ork guns fire rapidly and hit instantly but are wildly innacurate and cause slight bleeding damage once armor is breached. Tyranid guns slowly bore their way through armor and cause massive bleed damage based on a timer. Eldar guns fire straight shots that pass through targets and do less damage the more they pass through. Dark Eldar shurikens bounce between targets and cause major bleeding damage, though they do little damage to armor. Lasguns are extremely accurate though they do little damage and can hold their lock on infinitely, and target limbs easily. Explosives and template weapons do more damage at the center of the template with an outward gradient, and can potentially damage terrain and tanks These are just a few basic examples; I can do more but I need to buy all the codexes. Reloads are applicable to each army, and take downtime to complete.

•   Movement speeds differ based on your army and squad type. Dodging is possible outside of combat and breaks lockons based on a HUD warning, and is handled by shifting the controller or vita.

•   Close combat is initiated when you reach an enemy squad by closing in at high speeds and takes place with a side scrolling camera. The limbs can be targeted with a click or a touch screen, and heavy, medium, and light attacks are executed. Blocking can be done by the press of a button, though if you block at the wrong time you enter a tap timer that can stun enemies when won and result in an instant deathblow to the loser. You can dodge with tilts of the controller so attacks do less damage if they still hit the target. Each type of troop has their own speeds and attack types

•   Tanks can eventually be gained with a mission for each one, and allow for rapid transport or heavy support for the overworld or your pvp battle or mission. They can be blasted apart with explosives or eventually damaged enough to shut down. They drive right over enemies, but are easily slowed by terrain and can get stuck if they aren’t on an open stretch of land, unless they are hovercraft. Tanks cannot lock on to targets as squads can do, which makes the game much more balanced, though squads can still fire through them at random if they are open top or have a firing point.

•   HQs require that you hit the 1000 point mark, and can switch to a long distance overhead view (with a picture in picture of their current position and an ever-present hotbar of abilities that still allow them to control the flow of combat) on the fly to offer commands to soldiers under the same banner. They can be supported by a full squad of NPCs or player characters dependant on their points value, which can lead them along while in support mode.

•   Resource points defended by you split resources with the rest of your army (up to a maximum force chart) and can be used to upgrade armor statistics (baseline health for each limb), weapon statistics, and vehicle statistics that can be shared by each squad in your army. Auto balanced NPC squads level up at a modulated similar rate that ensures some balance to overworld battles. You can branch off into your own army with a similar support system and alliance

•   Battlefleet Gothic has a presence in the game. You can return to a class 1 ship on a timer to accept missions, change your squad’s outfitting and appearance,  upgrade armor and weapons with harvested resources that apply to the rest of your player base, allow force organization, PVP battle loading, and flight to different planets within range, that each have their own difficulty setting based on player points value, army size, and armor and weapon values controlled by resource upgrades. Each setting of planet has it’s own missions that are graded and downloaded based on pricing and complexity, estimated time value and rewards of resources. Missions are customized based on a points value and player created missions are rated based on the community previews. Star systems keep players in their own level, resource values, and skill range, and armies operate by being similar level. Each army has a drop pod that sends you into the map from outer space, based on resource points on the overworld map and hotzones of PVP.

•   Proof of purchase of a box set adds a discount to missions that unlock troop types.

•   The vita version loads smaller maps with less players and smaller squads, and cannot take part in overworld
conquests, but can still play PVP and Missions on the go, can create missions and customize paintjobs and other player customization, and is cross platform between the PS4 and Computer. The class 3 ships are pilotable on Vita and PS4 with tilt functionality, modulated afterburners that turn (triggers on PS4, and analogue sticks for the vita), and a lock on for the touch screen.

•   Conceptually, a commander can hang back and survey basic models on a smart phone, and can issue orders with the microphone on the phone. The HQ would be moveable with AI and hotbar abilities would still be functional on a smartphone.

I will post more eventually. As it currently is, would you play it?
Title: Re: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
Post by: Amanda_Brooks on Jul 23, 16, 08:35:34 AM
I think that you'd be much better off working on an original IP - your current approach is only going to lead to disappointment.
Create a basic idea for your setting, then think through how it would need to be realized through game mechanics, and then draw up some more detailed system concepts for the core features you'll need to bring your setting to life..
Title: Re: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
Post by: Ratchet_Dev on Jul 24, 16, 01:01:53 AM
Being someone who tried this when I was around 13 - 14 for a movie I was really into, it wont work. Even working for a decent sized company I can tell you getting the rights to make a game for a company like Games Workshop, especially when they have Warhammer 40k Space Marine, Mordheim and Warhammer Vermintide, is very hard.
You could spend 4+ years making this game just to get a DMCA alongside a public announcement that GW have been working on an MMO anyway.

Don't even bother man, even companies with old IP's will just laugh at you, seriously make your own game with your own ideas and DO NOT link it to any of your favorite games at all (Easter eggs are fine but don't steal story/weapons etc). Seriously, it even cost ID Software $5,000 back in the 90s to get the IP to Wolfenstein and it was a dead game with a defunct studio behind it.
Title: Re: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
Post by: Davida on Aug 15, 16, 04:25:09 AM
I can tell you getting the rights to make a game for a company like Games Workshop, especially when they have Warhammer 40k Space Marine, Mordheim and Warhammer Vermintide, is very hard.
You could spend 4+ years making this game just to get a DMCA alongside a public announcement that GW have been working on an MMO anyway.

There are some serious copyright issues involved in this idea. I personally agree with @Ratchet_dev
Title: Re: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Nov 12, 16, 04:16:53 AM
Make your own world using 40k as an inspiration.

That way you can control every aspect of the design and dont have to worry about IP or being sued.