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Title: Uploading Models/Assets ???
Post by: rjhanes on Aug 07, 16, 10:53:03 AM
Hello, Hero community I have a question regarding assets being imported to the engine I had a bunch of model that I put into 3ds max I used the Hero Export done that but they are in .HGM files and I am wanting to know can I upload those to the repository and use them in my world or do they need to be .dds files like all the other assets the engine uses ? Also, where do I put the model in the repository browser cause I don't see the asset library in the browser?
Title: Re: Uploading Models/Assets ???
Post by: Amarak on Aug 07, 16, 04:27:12 PM
Hi there! First, a quick description. The .DDS files are the textures. The .HGM files are the meshes or objects. You use the Repository Browser to upload your models and textures. You need a HE directory on your hard drive to mirror the one for your game. Here are some links to get you started:

And, once they are uploaded, you need to add them to the Asset Library (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Library) before you can use them.

Hope that helps!
Title: Re: Uploading Models/Assets ???
Post by: Prometheus2012 on Sep 04, 16, 04:33:07 PM
Best answer chosen by Amarak :)