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Title: Power Outage
Post by: nocake on Aug 26, 16, 02:40:33 PM
I am not sure who you guys are hosting with but a couple hours downtime for a power failure is pretty unacceptable. I hope you are getting a good SLA!

You can always come talk to me about some better alternatives!
Title: Re: Power Outage
Post by: Karalambos on Aug 26, 16, 04:34:15 PM
it happens m8.
just be patience and it will be up soon
Title: Re: Power Outage
Post by: Ratchet_Dev on Aug 26, 16, 07:55:24 PM
Yeah no thanks Ill stick to Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean thanks... I doubt they're anywhere near as reliable and those prices are freaking insane.
Title: Re: Power Outage
Post by: nocake on Aug 26, 16, 08:23:32 PM
I am not aware of Digital Oceans offering any bare metal packages or colocation.
I am also not aware of AWS offering any bare metal private cloud solutions or colocation.
If you want to match our base offering ($149) with AWS offerings you would have to order a c3.2xlarge which is $262.80 /mo with a 1 year and you would have to engineer your network to work on AWS.

I would assume they also have a very heavy back end network with this system which requires a specialized host like us who can accommodate specialized networks and work hands on with the developers to create the best environment for their set up.

If you are hosting a small game I would recommend AWS or Digital Ocean.
If you need a specialized network that requires a lot of engineering and you dont want to spend time into a cloud then you go for a colocation solution.

As well it is usually cheaper to host larger systems like the HE network via colocation or rack units if you want to handle networking yourself since you can design your machines to your exact specifications.

All depends what you are trying to do mate! For all I know they could have written this all into a cloud solution already how ever I doubt it as this engine was designed before there was even a good private cloud solution to offer from any company! I am sure the solution they are using was either in house or bought out right from another company and used specifically for this case. I am actually really interested in this :)

I just hope you guys are getting a killer SLA on the downtime.