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Title: Any basic tutorials?
Post by: Skeeter135 on Nov 27, 16, 11:45:44 AM
I see that most of tutorials are terrain and world building. Are their any on adding character classes, items, etc.
I just started looking though the editor yesterday and haven't found anything like that. I looked into the heros journey ref and couldn't make head or tails what i was looking at. What I am looking to do is create the character selection screen and creation how I would like it. I see where I can edit some of GUI elements but I dont see where the classes are coming from. It gives me the basic wizard and ranger. Can anyone point me in the right general direction? I looked at ravens tutorials and the official tutorials on youtube. But either of them seemed like it was what I wanted.
Title: Re: Any basic tutorials?
Post by: FI-ScottZ on Nov 27, 16, 11:56:06 AM
There are many tutorials on the HeroWiki site:

I recommend bookmarking that as it has tons of useful info.  Mostly text tutorials there, but you can see under the "Scripting" section on that main page it shows some coding videos.

Character creation is a big topic. I think you would be well advised to first become familiar with the language, coding environment, and engine architecture. Then you will be able to read through the script files and more easily understand how things are done.
Title: Re: Any basic tutorials?
Post by: Thazager on Nov 28, 16, 07:31:37 PM
Yes, the creation section can be quite large. At times when making the game, you may find that another part might be needed to the character, then the creation section would need to change. I am working with 2 groups, 1 has the creation section added, the other has not yet started on it. In the one with that section already in, I find I am needing to make changes several times adding new things and removing old. This section might be best done after the other sections are in.

If you still want to work on the creation section, there are many possibilities of setting it up, as there are many diff types of games. Basically, its a menu with a series of sections, where each section works on a different part of the character. They can be just a menu system, or the character can also be there. Choosing classes from a list, starting stats, abilities, spells, skills, any number of different parts that the character might need. There is a also a tutorial for changing the cloths on the base Hero Engine default character. Its a good idea to get your Game's character in as the same functions might not work on your character.