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Title: Speed Tree Question
Post by: Coryxinyaynix on Jun 07, 17, 11:30:26 AM
Hey so I am adding Trees to my terrain but I can only add them by cloning and moving them? I used other engines and they had the option to use a brush that adds trees does hero engine have the same and i just don't see it or do i have to continue the same method I've been using. ( I don't really mind it for the trees but for grass and bushes its going to be a lot to work with. )
Title: Re: Speed Tree Question
Post by: McIndus on Jun 07, 17, 02:14:03 PM
For SpeedTree imports there are a couple of methods:

1.  Add each tree individually and clone/move to your hearts content. (Only good for an area with few trees, or when you need to drop in a 'special' tree asset that's unique to the area - this is heavy on drawcalls)
2.  Create a 'group' of trees in SpeedTree and export them in order to drop them in with less draw calls. (can also clone/move)
With ST's forest functionality, you can get some really great results.

For your Bushes and Grass, you really should be using the DynamicDetails portion of the Terrain Editor. 
This will allow you to use the 'painting' method you mention in your post.  For bushes, you might want to use the 'meshes' portion - and for grass, you should use the 'billboards' section in the Dynamic Details tab.  These meshes do not get physics, but the billboards will be effected by the environment wind.  This is to save on a whole bunch of physics math - especially since you don't want that much info to run server side.

Also remember that as you get more comfortable with HSL, you can create your own custom tools.

Hope that helps!

Also, how to properly duplicate (or clone) assets in Hero according to the wiki:
Code: [Select]
Duplicating assets
Duplicating (or "cloning") an object is simple. To do this:
Click on the object you want to duplicate.
Duplicate either with Ctrl+D, or by opening the Assets panel, selecting the GUID and choosing Clone instance in the Instances Menu.
The new (duplicated) object appears on top of the old one, and will be automatically selected.
Using the mouse wheel, cycle to the Select & Translate tool {{translate)) (or click on that tool in the Transform Toolbar)
Move the duplicated asset so it is no longer on top of the original asset

You can also create another Instance of the last Asset you added from the Library, with Ctrl+Q. This differs from cloning in that it will create the Instance from the Asset, which means things such as Rotation, Scale, DiffuseColor, and so on will not be set.
To place multiple of the same assets, select it with the Dynamic Place Tool, and then press Ctrl+D to drop duplicate versions wherever the mouse is.

Oh yeah! Also, to add diversity without having to go through the painstaking process of manually trying to 'randomize' the terrain assets - use this feature:
Title: Re: Speed Tree Question
Post by: Coryxinyaynix on Jun 07, 17, 07:45:51 PM
Awesome Thanks for your help! This makes life so much easier.