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Title: Father's Day: A time to forgive the sins of your sons and fathers.
Post by: morfiction on Jun 18, 17, 03:58:59 PM
I guess Father's Day is gonna be a day from now on for me to ask forgiveness. My dad wanted to motivate me to be a better man because the person I was did not live up to his standards. I failed. He left my mom, divorced her, besmirched her to my elder siblings, and lied. Then he died.

For many years I blamed him for my illness. I have been fighting to find my own niche... to be myself. I am not my father's son. I have an older brother to fill that role. I'm just a guy with issues. I don't pretend my shit is more serious than others or that I am more important. So, hey, dad, I forgive you. Can your ghost forgive me?

One of these days I'm gonna have my own legacy. Maybe not a child.  But something worth more. “God's will, not ours be done!”