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Title: New
Post by: eddiecccc on Jun 23, 17, 08:55:38 AM
Hello I am 18 looking to get experience and learn world building and design so I can start making my own idea or even back a idea I if anyone is willing to let me help/learn that would be amazing
Title: Re: New
Post by: morfiction on Jun 23, 17, 11:28:03 AM
Hey, you want a gig? :D

Skype me @ morfiction.
Title: Re: New
Post by: nocake on Jun 23, 17, 07:27:29 PM

I have all the assets for world building in place, just need someone to actually build the world out!

In doing so I can teach you techniques and designs specific to MMO's in both world building and how to approach world building considering the world you are trying to achieve.

You can check out my youtube channel here:

You can join our Discord channel here:

Just mention the world building thread and I will know who you are!